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  • Feifei: Hello, I'm Feifei and

  • welcome to The English We Speak.

  • Neil: ...and hello, it's Neil here.

  • Are you feeling OK Feifei - you don't look very happy?

  • Feifei: Oh Neil, it's been a stressful week

  • - I've been working late, I'm so tired

  • - and I've had no time to do any housework

  • - my house is a mess!

  • Neil: Isn't your house always a mess?!

  • Feifei: Ha ha, very funny!

  • Neil: Seriously, you need a break. Take some time off.

  • Feifei: Easier said than done - but how will that help?

  • Neil: Well, having a break from work

  • will help blow away the cobwebs.

  • Feifei: Excuse me? Are you saying I should take time off

  • so I can do my housework - and

  • get rid of all the cobwebs in my house -

  • do you think my house is haunted Neil?

  • Neil: I never said you said had cobwebs in your house -

  • what I meant was, get some fresh air -

  • do some exercise, get rid of that tired feeling

  • - that's 'blowing away the cobwebs'!

  • Feifei: Got it! So no spiders involved?

  • Neil: Absolutely not. Let's hear some examples

  • of this phrase in action.

  • Examples:Do you want to go hillwalking this weekend?

  • It might help you blow the cobwebs away.

  • I've been stuck indoors for days,

  • I need to blow the cobwebs away and go for a run.

  • I know studying is hard, why don't you go for a walk

  • in the park to blow the cobwebs away?

  • It might help you think more clearly.

  • Feifei: 'To blow the cobwebs away' is the same

  • as 'to blow away the cobwebs'.

  • It means to get some fresh air and exercise

  • so that you feel refreshed and can think more clearly.

  • So it's about feeling more lively and alert?

  • Neil: Yes.

  • Feifei: Now how about blowing the cobwebs away

  • with me and going for a run?

  • Neil: Running? Oh I don't know...

  • I'm feeling a little tired actually.

  • Feifei: Don't be so lazy Neil! Come on,

  • it's time to blow away your cobwebs too!

  • Neil: Maybe I could do your housework instead?

  • Both: Bye.

Feifei: Hello, I'm Feifei and

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Blow the cobwebs away: The English We Speak

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