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  • This is Mark from with another high band IELTS example. This

  • question is about family. What are some typical decisions that families make

  • together? I think families make a lot of decisions

  • together. Typically, if it's a sunny day outside, they might decide where to go or

  • what to do that day - whether to go to the park or go on a longer day trip. There

  • might be some more important decisions that they have to make though, such as if

  • they move house. Especially if the family has young kids, then they need to take

  • those children into consideration because a new environment and a new

  • school can be quite a big shock, so they should definitely confer and consult

  • each other before they make that decision. A more typical decision though,

  • could be about holidays. My dad would always come to me with a holiday

  • brochure and ask me where I would like to go, then he would ask my sister and then

  • my mum, and then we'd all make a decision together.

  • So whether the decision is important or less important, I think it's important

  • that they consult each other and ask for each other's advice. Check out for more IELTS courses lessons and tips.

This is Mark from with another high band IELTS example. This

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IELTS Speaking Answers - Episode 5 - Family

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