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  • Mark here from with another IELTS example question and

  • answer. This IELTS question is about your country. Is your country changing

  • rapidly? In my experience, I don't think the UK has changed very much in the last

  • decade or so compared to some other Asian countries I visited and lived in. I

  • think the UK is growing quite slowly, while cities, especially the capital

  • cities in countries like China and Japan, are evolving at an unbelievable rate. New

  • Asian cities tend to have incredibly up-to-date public transport, restaurants,

  • high-rise buildings, and apartments, while in the UK, the pace of life is somewhat

  • slower. That said, if you walk down the high street in the UK, one of the biggest

  • changes has probably been the gentrification of high streets and city

  • centres. I mean there's lots of multicultural restaurants, there's lots

  • of large supermarket chains, fashion outlets, and small boutiques - those have

  • become very commonplace. That's probably been the most notable change that I've

  • noticed in the last decade or so. Other than that, I think the UK has largely

  • stayed the same: its historic, diverse, and it's quite

  • unique. You can check out mark teacher comm for more IELTS courses lessons and tips!

Mark here from with another IELTS example question and

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IELTS Speaking Answers - Episode 17 - Your Country

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