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  • Hi then this is Mark from with another IELTS speaking

  • question an answer. This IELTS question is about inventions. What do you think

  • have been some of the most important inventions in the last 100 years? If I

  • had to make a shortlist, I would put the Internet's in first place. I don't think

  • there's been anything quite so revolutionary or quite so radical as the

  • internet in the last two or even three centuries, to be honest. It's allowed us

  • to connect with people from all over the world - it's revolutionized the way we

  • shop, the way we work, and the way we make friends. Even my platform as an educator

  • has been transformed thanks to the Internet. In second place, I would

  • probably put the smartphone. I think smartphones are a natural

  • evolution of personal computers and laptops and I think those inventions,

  • when they harness the power of the Internet, are an incredible device - an

  • incredible invention. You have almost all the information you'll ever need just in

  • the palm of your hand. I think even the concept of a mobile phone 20 years ago

  • would seem ridiculous to someone who didn't know about them. So I think those

  • two inventions are the most important we've seen in the last few hundred years.

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Hi then this is Mark from with another IELTS speaking

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