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  • Hi there! This is Mark from, with an IELTS speaking question and

  • answer. This IELTS question is about tourism. Do you think that tourists

  • damage the environment?

  • Unfortunately, I think they do - both directly and indirectly as well. Directly,

  • whenever there are large groups of tourists who flood to an historic

  • landmark, a beach, or any natural area, there's always a lot of litter in their

  • wake and so that's an unfortunate byproduct of large groups of tourists, as well as

  • tourists who aren't really educated in taking care of the environment or

  • respecting the customs and the natural beauty of those destinations.

  • Indirectly, I think tourism can harm a lot of green areas or natural spaces.

  • Whenever there's an influx of tourists, or whether there's a spike in popularity

  • hotels, resorts, restaurants and the like, often appear as close as possible to the

  • destination, and that can mean cutting down trees, it can mean paving over

  • natural environments, and pushing animals away from their natural habitat. So

  • unfortunately, I think tourism does affect the environment quite badly. Check

  • out for even more high-level IELTS content.

Hi there! This is Mark from, with an IELTS speaking question and

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IELTS Speaking Answers - Day #10 - Tourism

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    ben posted on 2018/07/27
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