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  • This is Mark from with a high-band IELTS speaking answer. This

  • question is about technology. How has technology changed people's lives?

  • Well, I think technology has changed people's lives in a lot of different

  • ways. I think the biggest change has been the amount that we interact with other

  • people. For example, if I'm lost and I need directions, in the past I would have

  • to ask someone where to go, but nowadays I can just look it up in the palm of my

  • hand - in just a few clicks. I can look for the street I need, how long it'll take,

  • and the best route to get there. Another example could be cooking a home or

  • learning how to do something. In the past, I would need to ask someone for

  • advice but now, again, I have an app on my phone that can teach me and can give me

  • the information I need. So I think these days people are less reliant on other

  • people's advice because they have all the information they need in the palm of

  • their hand - at the touch of a button. So I think the difference day to day that

  • makes has been quite large and I've noticed that people chat with each other

  • and ask each other for help much less. Check out for more

  • IELTS courses lessons and tips.

This is Mark from with a high-band IELTS speaking answer. This

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IELTS Speaking Answers - Episode 2 - Technology

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    ben posted on 2018/07/27
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