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  • Hello. Welcome to IELTS KILLER The video series which gives you the best

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  • Here is today's question Some people point out that there will be less

  • international travel in the future

  • Do you think it is a positive or negative trend?

  • Well, this question is kind of easy to understand, right?

  • You don't really have to rephrase it So, here, you have to decide

  • if the number of international visitors goes down, is it a good or a bad thing?

  • But first, let's find out why there will be less international travel.

  • You know, turmoil is happening around the world.

  • Conflicts between countries, wars, epidemic diseases, etc.

  • All lead to stricter visa policy. Moreover, constant rising fuel price results

  • in unaffordable travel budget,

  • making traveling abroad less & less possible

  • But look at bright side If fewer people travel,

  • oil, which is often misused, will be lowered immensely, helping save the

  • planet Besides, safety problems related to travel

  • such as smuggling, drug-trafficking, diseases, even hijacking,

  • will be lessened considerably.

  • Well, it seems quite pleasant BUT lots of sacrifices have to be made.

  • Even though the media is strong, YouTube, Facebook, discovery channels, travelling

  • blogs everywhere, they do not satisfy our curiosity about the

  • world. In other words, no more travel to a new, unfamiliar

  • land means no more fun or real experience.

  • I mean, how can you feel the thrilling taste of the local dishes

  • if you don't actually try them? Can you be overwhelmed without standing at

  • the amazing landmarks like the Buckingham Palace

  • or Taj Mahal? Or can you really enjoy the outstanding, breathtaking views of the Great

  • Wall of China and Mount Fuji

  • Furthermore, the decline in international travelers

  • will adversely influence some regions & countries where tourism is the backbone industry.

  • There is no doubt that their economy would be hindered.

  • So, in conclusion, travel is an important part of human life

  • as well as a crucial contributor to the world's economy.

  • Therefore, some effective solutions must be given

  • to tackle the obstacles which discourage international travel.

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Hello. Welcome to IELTS KILLER The video series which gives you the best

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