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  • Did you know that Kristen Stewart has quietly become one of the best actresses working today?

  • Stewart has been acting in movies since the early 2000s, but we all know she became best

  • known for the 'Twilight' series starting in 2008.

  • So here's the thingthe 'Twilight' filmswell, let's just say that they won't be compared

  • to 'Citizen Kane' anytime soon.

  • When the public deemed Stewartthe girl from 'Twilight,” her name became synonymous

  • with the film series.

  • When something like this happens, people tend to confuse their opinion on the films with

  • their opinion on the actors.

  • I remember commonly hearing from friends and people on the internet that Stewart was a

  • bad actress.”

  • Well, she's not.

  • Like not at all.

  • She's actually really good.

  • While she surely doesn't give a career-best performance in any of the 'Twilight' films,

  • a lot of the issues lie in the fact that her naturalistic approach to acting isn't really

  • suited for dreamy fantasy, let alone the artificial sounding dialogue.

  • Watch these two clips back-to-back.

  • Which one has the better acting?

  • The second one, right?

  • And why is that?

  • It's really just context.

  • The scene from 'Twilight' has dialogue that may deliver an unintentional laugh or two,

  • it has the overly dramatic score, and these completely unnecessary camera moves that take

  • us out of the moment, and most importantly, they call attention to the acting.

  • Even the best of the best aren't going to nail it every time with lackluster filmmaking.

  • And it's not like Stewart just all the sudden became a great actress after the 'Twilight'

  • films, which seems to be the common consensus.

  • She was turning in great performances both before and during her time with the 'Twilight'

  • series, but the vampire saga overshadowed her great work.

  • Stewart was able to pull off something that is almost impossible in Hollywood.

  • She separated herself from a popular franchise and took her career in a much more serious

  • and suitable direction.

  • She has since gravitated towards smaller, more artful films where she was able to show

  • the world what she can really do.

  • In fact, her recent and criminally underrated work in 'Personal Shopper' is perhaps my favorite

  • of her performances.

  • Films like this allow Stewart to play up to her strengths as an actress and deliver something

  • that is truly memorable and haunting.

  • Kristen Stewart is notthe girl from 'Twilight.”

  • She is one of the best actresses working today.

Did you know that Kristen Stewart has quietly become one of the best actresses working today?

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The Gush: Kristen Stewart

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