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  • - My favorite moment of Donald Trump visiting the U.K.

  • Was how the British journalists

  • didn't know how to handle him,

  • because he had an interview with The Sun, right,

  • which is not like they're against him.

  • They're a conservative newspaper in the United Kingdom,

  • and would, like, very extreme headlines,

  • and you know, very tabloidy, and they interviewed him,

  • and then he completely denied everything that they reported

  • about him the next day. (audience chuckles)

  • And then, like, I was watching one of the journalists,

  • and he was like, we just don't understand

  • because we were recording it and he knew,

  • he knew that we were recording it.

  • I don't understand how he could turn around

  • and say that it's fake news when we have the recording

  • and it was just, you could see that they were just like

  • wait, this makes no sense! (audience chuckling)

  • This is absolutely, like, and my favorite was

  • the American journalists were like welcome to our lives.

  • (audience clapping and cheering)

  • 'Cause I think everybody in the world thinks that Trump

  • is just like, it's like America is having a hissyfit,

  • but when he comes to another country,

  • the people there are like oh, this shit is,

  • it's like Godzilla on a world tour.

  • (audience chuckles)

  • You know what I mean?

  • Like we see the Japanese and we're like

  • I would handle Godzilla like the one is here,

  • you're like (shouts)!

  • (rhythmic hip hop music)

- My favorite moment of Donald Trump visiting the U.K.

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British Journalists Get Trumped for the First Time - Between the Scenes | The Daily Show

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    Samuel posted on 2018/07/23
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