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  • Feifei: Hello, this is The English We Speak

  • and I'm Feifei. Joining me is Neil.

  • Neil: Hello.

  • Feifei: Hey Neil, how was your night out at the new restaurant?

  • Neil: Oh, it was... OK.

  • Feifei: Just 'OK'?

  • Neil: The food was average. The service

  • was standard.

  • Feifei: Neil, there is no pleasing you!

  • Neil: Keep your voice down Feifei. It was

  • nothing to shout about.

  • Feifei: It was nothing to shout about?

  • Would you normally shout about a good restaurant?

  • Neil: Of course not. But when something

  • is 'nothing to shout about', it means it's

  • nothing special. It's average or

  • unremarkable. So you wouldn't make an

  • effort to tell anyone about it.

  • Feifei: So basically, you mean your

  • experience was disappointing?

  • Neil: Not exactly. I mean it was neither

  • good nor bad - just average. These

  • examples might

  • make the phrase easier to understand...

  • This year's bonus is nothing to shout

  • about but I guess it's better than last year's.

  • My job is nothing to shout about but at

  • least it pays the bills.

  • Her clothes are nothing to shout about -

  • brown, cotton, cheap-looking, not very fashionable!

  • Feifei: This is The English We Speak from

  • the BBC and we're discussing the phrase

  • 'nothing to shout about'. It's used to

  • describe something or someone that isn't

  • special - something unremarkable or just ordinary.

  • So Neil, the restaurant was

  • nothing special but was there

  • anything you could shout about?

  • Neil: Oh yeah. The prices! It was so cheap

  • - that's probably why the food wasn't great.

  • And on Mondays they do a special 'two

  • for the price of one' meal. That's

  • something to shout about.

  • Feifei: You're easy to please!

  • Neil: Actually Feifei, I was wondering if

  • you'd like to have dinner with me next Monday?

  • Feifei: At the restaurant that's nothing to shout about?

  • Neil: Yeah.

  • Feifei: OK then and if the food isn't good,

  • I'll have someone to shout at.

  • Neil: Who's that?

  • Feifei: You!

  • Both: Bye.

Feifei: Hello, this is The English We Speak

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