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  • Feifei: Hello I'm Feifei and welcome to

  • The English We Speak.

  • Rob: And hello, I'm Rob.

  • Feifei: You're looking pleased with

  • yourself, Rob.

  • Rob: I am. I've just booked

  • these dirt cheap – I mean really cheap

  • flights to Ibiza!

  • Feifei: Wonderful!

  • Rob: Look at the price - 20 pounds return!

  • That means extra money to spend on

  • food, drink and partying.

  • Feifei: Let's have a lookhold on. The

  • basic price is 20 pounds, but look at the

  • tax you have to pay on top. One hundred pounds!

  • Rob: Eh? Let me see. You're right.

  • Grrr, I hate paying tax.

  • Feifei: I guess you could say it's a

  • necessary evil.

  • Rob: Hmm, you could say thatif you

  • mean it's something bad that can't be

  • avoided, and you have to accept it in

  • order to achieve a good result.

  • Feifei: That's exactly what I meant, Rob.

  • If it can't be avoided, like paying tax on a

  • plane ticket, then it's a necessary evil.

  • Let's hear some examples, shall we?

  • For me, exams are a necessary evilyou

  • have to do them to get a place at university.

  • Sitting in traffic for hours is a

  • necessary evil if I want to drive to the seaside on a public holiday!

  • I hate running, but having to exercise is

  • a necessary evil if I want to stay fit and healthy.

  • Feifei: This is The English We Speak from

  • BBC Learning English and we're finding

  • out about the phrase 'a necessary evil'. It

  • describes something that you have to

  • accept in order to achieve something

  • else. And Rob, that tax on your

  • plane ticket is unavoidableso not so

  • cheap now, is it?

  • Rob: No. Less money for eating, drinking

  • and partying.

  • Feifei: Can you get a refund? Stay at

  • home and eat, drink and party?

  • Rob: I could but if I stayed at home,

  • there's another necessary evil I have to deal with.

  • Feifei: What's that?

  • Rob: I'll have to spend more time with you.

  • Feifei: Hmm! What time is your flight exactly?

  • Rob: Did I say something wrong?

  • Feifei: Bye.

  • Rob: Bye.

Feifei: Hello I'm Feifei and welcome to

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A necessary evil: The English We Speak

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