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  • a successful food photographer is someone who has shot the food regardless of how

  • simple or complicated that food is

  • and the person who's reading the magazines looking in the picture

  • looking at the phone looking on instagram however it is however big it is

  • you get a reaction

  • a good reaction

  • you don't want someone saying that looks awful you want someone to say i want that and i want it now

  • i want to cook it or i want to buy it

  • i want to eat it

  • then you have succeeded as a food photographer so at the end of our shoot

  • we always sit down and review what we have done

  • i mean often we will do this middle of the shoot

  • but i mean somewhere like today where

  • we're trying to create a whole story for a magazine in such a short period of time

  • we haven't really had time to stop have we

  • we haven't really had time to breathe

  • so what we will do is sit down and make sure we've got it right really you know

  • have we created a story

  • you know we started with our eggs our salads our frittata

  • you know our sneaky little boiled egg which we weren't asked to do but

  • it was so pretty we decided to do it anyway you know a sneaky rhubarb shot

  • to get ready for our finish

  • vegetarian pie

  • deserts

  • i mean this is

  • when you think that's a whole magazine story just done in really done in

  • five hours i would say

  • uh...

  • and this shot was almost done in darkness

  • it's quite

  • an undertaking really i mean you would never expect

  • you know you're amateur or starter to do that i mean if you could just make yourself a

  • lovely salad

  • you know a boiled egg you know

  • maybe buy some eggs and buy a pie and take the shoot

  • i mean this is just all about telling a story really you know

  • what you can do with a

  • you know a little basket of

  • nice eggs and a

  • bit of imagination and a

  • tiny bit of daylight

  • if you want to see more of my food photography master class videos click on the links now

a successful food photographer is someone who has shot the food regardless of how

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David Loftus Photography Masterclass - What Makes a Great Food Photograph

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    Chihyu Lin posted on 2013/09/25
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