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  • So then I was like, is that guy yelling,

  • or is he just Chinese?

  • [Laughter]

  • Hey guys, I'm sorry... you're just, you're making a bunch of Asian jokes

  • and you're all Asian, and I'm not,

  • It's just making me a little uncomfortable.

  • It's fine. Asians are racist against other Asians.

  • Allow us to Asiansplain.

  • I'd rather you didn't.

  • What if we did it in the whitest way possible... in a style of a

  • Barbershop Quartet?

  • Oh yay, I got HATS!

  • Asians don't like Asians

  • We come from different lands

  • Asians don't like Asians

  • If you're Asian you'll understand

  • You know why we hate you

  • I don't have a clue

  • Here's a hint, it rhymes with

  • World War II

  • Oh God

  • Don't even get me started on

  • World War II

  • You did some fucked-up shit in

  • World War II

  • It's all propaganda!

  • Many Chinese people standing shoulder to shoulder

  • to shoulder to shoulder

  • Overpopulation!

  • Cantonese sounds like barking dogs


  • It's dirty and gross, and covered in smog

  • Now do me!

  • Koreans are tacky and flashy

  • Too much plastic surgery is trashy

  • Go on...

  • That's it.

  • That's it? Half a verse?

  • Yeah, you're a half a country.

  • I understand.

  • We think we're each the best

  • Don't confuse us for the rest

  • Are you Chinese?

  • Hell no! Are you Korean?

  • Hell no! Are you Japanese?

  • I wish. I mean, hell no!

  • Asians don't like Asians

  • Chinese Korean Japanese

  • The Top Three Asian countries,

  • We are the Big Three

  • Whoa! What about all the other Asian countries, like the Philippines?

  • No, Philippines: three.

  • Whoa Korea, I didn't even see you there.

  • Unbelievable, I'm even getting this from the Philippines?

  • Asians are super duper

  • Racist!

  • Yeah, you know what guys? I think I get it--

  • Korea is the worst!

  • WHOA!

  • America is the victim!

So then I was like, is that guy yelling,

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Asians Don't Like Asians

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    Stephanie posted on 2018/07/10
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