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  • Choose life, choose a job

  • Choose a career, choose a family

  • Choose a big television

  • You're the quiet, sensitive type

  • A little bit crazy, a little bit bad

  • Chosse washing machines, cars

  • compact disc players, and dental insurance

  • You...lied. On your application

  • Only to get my feet in the door !

  • What exactly attracts you to the leisure industry ?

  • In a word ! Pleasure !

  • pleasure, in other people's leisure

  • He's always been lacking in moral fiber

  • He knows a lot about Sean Connery !

  • That's hardly a substitute !

  • Do you see the beast...?

  • Have you got it in your sights...?

  • Clear enough, Ms. Moneypenny.

  • Choose sitting on that couch, watching mind numbing,

  • spirit-crushing game shows

  • Stuffing junk food into your mouth

  • Begbie is a psycho, man !

  • He's a mate...

  • So what can you do ?

  • What are you two talking about ?!

  • Football !!

  • What are you talking about ?

  • Shopping

  • What's on the menu this evening, sir ?

  • The dodgiest scam, in a lifetime of dodgy scams

  • Eh ?

  • Choose leisurewear and matching luggage

  • Choose good health, and a career

  • Choose your friends

  • Choose your future. Choose life !

Choose life, choose a job

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Trainspotting (1996) Official Trailer - Ewan McGregor Movie HD

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