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  • What is up Drama Alert Nation, I'm your host, Killer Keemstar.

  • Lets get right

  • into the news

  • Our first story is coming from CaseyNeistat apparently today

  • He became a fan of Logan Paul. He tweeted out 'Dear Logan Paul. Thanks for the sweet Maverick swag.'

  • 'Love you and your bird.' and after CaseyNeistat tweeted this Jake Paul got super butthurt

  • Jakey Paul tweeted out, 'so you're going to go from sneak dissing us to reppin the merch'

  • 'You good bro?' showing a screenshot of what CaseyNeistat said about the current vlogs on YouTube

  • Casey said watching a lot of new fast rising vloggers on YouTube

  • There's a pattern of super fast cuts crazy high-energy and a lot of screaming at the camera

  • I'm going to slow my vlogs down some make them more about the people the perspectives and the chemistry because

  • That's what I'd like to see more on YouTube

  • So basically what CaseyNeistat is saying is that the current vlogger doesn't actually have good content

  • They just have a lot of jump cuts and flashy shit going on to entertain little kids and even though CaseyNeistat didn't mention any

  • Vloggers in this message, Jake Paul assumes, and he's talking about him

  • But that's when big brother Logan Paul, put his foot down to Jakey Poo Logan quoted

  • Jake's tweet and said easy, bro. I'll beat your ass

  • Alright alright. Good shit logan. Not really a fan, but if you beat Jake's ass I'll subscribe to you also

  • in the news that crazy feminists known as Laci green started dating well a

  • Comedian known as Chris Reagan and now all the social justice

  • Warriors hate Laci green when she is actually one of them. Yesterday Laci tweeted out help

  • I think I made it into the blockchain all the social Justice Twitter's I visited today have barred me from reading their

  • perspectives

  • So basically what Laci is saying is all the social justice

  • Warriors on Twitter have blocked her well an article came out today from the heat street

  • Saying that the feminist YouTuber Laci green has been exiled to Twitter's block

  • bot, now I didn't even know this thing existed

  • but apparently the social Justice warriors of Twitter made this giant list of Twitter accounts to

  • Automatically block so they could live in a safe little bubble where they don't hear any

  • Opinions different than theirs and now Laci green is on it come to find out. I was actually on this list to

  • also in the news faze Apex avoided a goddamn massacre

  • Thanks to drake

  • He tweeted out this, 'some crazy lady road raged at me today, but I couldn't hear her because I was blasting drake

  • She looked real mad though'

  • It's a slow news day.

  • Also in the news this YouTuber was gone forever

  • And now he's returned the Youtuber known as RedKeyMon's last video was uploaded on May 20th

  • 2015, now he's a GTA Youtuber that does like stunts and stuff

  • He's been gone for over two years and when he uploaded his last video two years ago he had

  • 669 Thousand Subscribers

  • And get this okay even though he has to upload any videos for over two years

  • His channel still got views and grew his channel is currently at

  • 1.7 million

  • Subscribers, he hasn't uploaded in two years and he gained

  • 1.1 million subs today he returned by posting a comment on his last video saying hey guys first of all I'm still alive

  • Sorry for not giving you any news I apologize for this

  • I hate saying goodbye thus why never did I always want to come back

  • but never got the motivation to I barely log on and I did not want to read any comment as it's

  • difficult to read these when you kind of stop doing videos

  • I never intended to quit as it was just a break but then months act up and you feel like it's too late to make

  • A change I think I'll never realize how much subscribers I have or had I gained more than 1 million substance my last video

  • More than half of my subs never saw an actual video uploaded by me

  • Thanks for everything the support the love the comments

  • It has been amazing and always will wish you the best of everything

  • Don't know if I'll come back that shit is just actually crazy to me

  • He gave more subs by being gone, then actually uploading videos. And now for our final story get ready for this one

  • Okay, so there's this Ex reality TV star known as Jaime

  • He's really trying to be a youtuber, but his youtube's not really taking off he tweeted out laughing my ass off Christian burns

  • Just Dm me his address that ain't far from me tempted to pay him a visit so apparently

  • Jaime x reality TV star and Christian burns are about to get into a fight then earlier today jaime tweeted out

  • I'm coming for you barn with this Twitter video Rollin. Do you think I'm fuckin jokin?

  • I ain't fucking junk and we out here. We in the car. I'm coming to your house Christian. I will see you soon

  • Oh shit

  • These two are about to really fight then a Twitter video of them two fighting got leaked by this

  • Person with this weird fucking name. Here's the clip roll it

  • oh

  • wait, what the fuck is this like a publicity stunt cuz I should spank his fuck like lance stewart being pulled out of a

  • Goddamn bed for playing around with a Ouija board is more real than oh shit. Oh

  • This is the worst publicity stunt. I've ever seen like this shit is fake as fuck

  • I know someone right now is frantically typing in the comments

  • It's still really dare to trust me trust me. This is not fucking real

  • This is fake as shit

  • Ladies and gentlemen that is it for the news guys if you love drama make sure you slap a like on it

  • We are so close to 2 million subs

  • I got to figure something out for my two million special if you love drummers slap a like on a draw blurred nation now

  • over 1 million nine hundred

  • Thousand subscribers

  • oh

What is up Drama Alert Nation, I'm your host, Killer Keemstar.

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