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  • - Why is my sexuality "a lifestyle"?

  • - Why do you call it a lifestyle?

  • - Like choosing to wear a dress?

  • - He lives by the beach, that's his lifestyle.

  • - It's not really a lifestyle. It's just my life.

  • Why is that when you find out that I'm gay,

  • you think that I want you?

  • - Standards, first of all.

  • - Everyone has a type. You might not be their type.

  • - Don't flatter yourself.

  • - Why are you so worried about

  • how I'm going to have kids?

  • - Why does it matter if I'm going to have kids or not?

  • - Technically, the world is overpopulated

  • and me not reproducing is helping you out.

  • - So if I want to have kids, I'm pretty sure

  • I can figure it out.

  • - Why do you feel the need to ask who's the man

  • and who's the woman in the relationship?

  • - Last I checked, we were both women.

  • - That's why we're together.

  • Both have lady parts.

  • - Why do you get offended if people ask if you're gay?

  • - Why would you be offended that someone thinks you're gay?

  • - I don't get offended when people think I'm straight.

  • - I mean, I kinda do.

  • - There are worse things.

  • How does it feel to be accurately represented in

  • everything?

  • - Every single show and film ever.

  • - Why is your definition of diversity a gay white man?

  • - I can't think of anyone who reminds me of me.

  • - The most that I had was Buffy.

  • And she was straight.

  • - Sailor Moon would probably be the closest

  • representation of a young gay Asian.

  • - Why is it that you have such a large dating pool?

  • - But still a really high divorce rate?

  • - Because it's real marriage because it's heterosexual.

  • - Why do you have to call it a gay wedding?

  • - It's just a wedding.

  • - It's just a wedding.

  • - Is it just so you can charge us more?

  • - If two black people were getting married,

  • would you call it a black wedding?

  • Why do you try to set us up with

  • the very next gay person you see?

  • - I don't try to set you up with

  • the other straight guy I know.

  • - We have Tinder or Grinder. What do gay ladies use?

  • Oh, we don't have one. Okay, never mind.

  • Thank you for trying to set us up. We need help.

  • - You have to take into account the percentage of women

  • that are interested in women and then

  • those precentage of women who I'm attracted to

  • and then those percentage of women who are attracted

  • to me and then those percentage of women

  • that you know, I have chemistry with

  • and that our personalities line up.

  • And that's like three women. Maybe.

- Why is my sexuality "a lifestyle"?

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9 Questions Gay People Have For Straight People

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