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  • [Sam] The world is changing.

  • Technology is absolutely vital to fast-forward these changes.

  • [Man] Seven, six, five, four, three

  • [Sam] I'm Sam Bird, and I drive an electric racing car.

  • (upbeat rock music)

  • Formula E is a single-seater racing championship

  • but purely for electric vehicles.

  • Formula E is going to be the catalyst for people

  • believing that electric vehicles are cool, fun

  • and that they are the future.

  • There's no other place in the world where you can push

  • these technologies so hard that you can do in motor sports.

  • [Sam] Formula E is really in the here and the now.

  • Electric cars, they are computers on wheels.

  • Not only do we have to develop the hardware of the car,

  • for sure the motor, the inverter.

  • But also we have an awful lot of software to be developing.

  • There are probably a hundred different topics we can work on

  • to improve the overall efficiencies of our electric racing cars.

  • That's why our partnership with

  • Hewlett Packard Enterprise is so important.

  • Hewlett Packard Enterprise have designed a really

  • bespoke IT solution.

  • It is able to condense the amount of time it takes from the data to go from the car to the engineers.

  • We have reduced that time from about two minutes

  • to 10 seconds.

  • That might sound marginal, but shaving two minutes

  • of non-productive time is absolutely critical.

  • Racing is important not only from a sporting perspective,

  • but from a life perspective.

  • I firmly believe the Formula E series will make

  • more people on the planet go green

  • because the technology from here will go into

  • the production line and make a better,

  • more affordable electric car.

  • It's not so much about the speed of the car themselves.

  • It's about the speed of how our team operates

  • and how quickly we're able to adopt new technologies,

  • and integrate them into our race cars.

  • That's why Formula E is so important.

  • This is the catalyst of change.

[Sam] The world is changing.

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Accelerating the Car of the Future

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