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  • If you don't have no fun in life, ain't nothing happening.

  • Millennials Get Life Advice From Senior Citizens.

  • Hi Stephanie, I'm Avalon.

  • Nice to meet you.

  • Hello, nice to meet you Avalon.

  • My name is Roland.

  • Good to meet you.

  • I'm 22 years old, it's my last year in college.

  • I'm just trying to figure out what's next, I guess.

  • You're a senior in high school?

  • Do you know what your major is?

  • Probably international affairs.

  • How did you go about choosing that?

  • Well that's what I love.

  • You're at a point now where the world is your oyster.

  • You must stay positive.

  • It's your call.

  • I thought I wanted to be a nurse because I wanted to help people.

  • And I found out that it was not good fit for me and so, I wasted like two years and some money.

  • I'm still learning so much about myself.

  • There's so many things that I like, and so it's just like, it's hard to narrow it down.

  • What do you like?

  • I love fashion.

  • Well you're dressed up nice, I love your outfit.

  • That jacket is on the move.

  • Thanks.

  • You could be excellent at that.

  • Interviewing people about fashion.

  • Keep your mind open, create your own space.

  • In high school, I had enjoyed taking my typing class and I liked being organized.

  • My friend suggested how about clerical, how about going into secretarial?

  • So I went back to college, changed my major, learned that, and I had many happy years as an administrative assistant.

  • Also I advise young people to talk to people who know them really well, whether it's a best friend, a boyfriend or girlfriend, and they'll probably have a very good insight.

  • I was the only black person an all-white football team and I was the quarterback and the captain.

  • So I took that discipline of all of that stuff with me to UCLA and had a great time.

  • But I made my own rules.

  • And you can count all of the black people at our school, and I was one of them and it was just like, and on top of me being like gay and being openly gay and androgynous, like, you know, it was like definitely--

  • It's a challenge.

  • It was a lot of challenge but I liked it.

  • Intellectually, spiritually, and passionately, you were above it all.

  • That's how you were able to pull it off.

  • So love, I mean, I'm about that age where I should be starting to look for my partner in crime.

  • I met my husband in college.

  • I just liked so much about him.

  • Of course, the big test was to meet the family.

  • I'm the only girl in the family so every single person's gonna be so protective.

  • Very protective.

  • I feel bad for whoever I pick.

  • Oh geez.

  • But I think when it's the right fit, he'll fit right in and they'll love him like a son.

  • They always say, like you know, you, I guess, like you want what you can't have.

  • I guess that goes along those lines because I feel like I've through that too.

  • But I was always after the one that was just not really, I mean, that's just my experience.

  • You know, I'm after the one...

  • You always want what you can't have.

  • Yeah, that was just like kind of like, not texting me back as much and just being like whatever, you know, short and because it was just more of a, it was like more intriguing.

  • That's always a learning experience.

  • Why do I want that?

  • Why can't I get it?

  • What's the best for me?

  • Sometimes you have to just let it slide.

  • As my old grandmother used to say, do without and keep on moving.

  • You know, I have just such a broad spectrum of friends and we're very open with one another.

  • Be that way.

  • Stay open.

  • Keep the lines of communication open.

  • Always make known your feelings so there is no confusion.

  • Having raised four sons, we never had a lot of extra cash.

  • But we always look for opportunities to have fun.

  • Watching the sunrise over the mountain or the sunset over the ocean.

  • A kiss, a hug, a smile.

  • There's a lot of beauty to be found in life.

  • - And it doesn't cost a penny. - Nothing.

  • The worst regrets that I've heard is people saying that they were too busy chasing success or being selfish with their time.

  • That they didn't spend time or take time for their families.

  • You make me want to call my parents.

  • That's good.

If you don't have no fun in life, ain't nothing happening.

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Senior Citizens Give Life Advice To Millennials

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    Judy Huang posted on 2019/01/20
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