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  • Every map I make is wrong.

  • All the exit signs led to traps.

  • Plus the braille, the hieroglyphics, and the tape recorder message, too.

  • It's almost like the maze is trying to tell me something.

  • Something confusing.

  • Whatever!

  • Who needs you anyway, with your stupid signs and messages?

  • I'm Finn Mertens, ya heard?

  • And I don't need no nothing!

  • Watch me. (inhales deeply)

  • Babababababababababababa

  • Babababababa...

  • (sighs)

  • Jake: Finn?

  • (singsong voice) Finn!

  • Jake! [laughs] Jake, I'm coming!

  • Finn? Where are ya, buddy?

  • (grunts) Jake!

  • (sucking teeth)

  • That's a little disappointing. Still, though.

  • I'm in the homestretch here.

  • (babbles)

  • (grunts) Jake!

  • Finn! Hey, there you are.

  • Yeah. (chuckles)

  • Sorry to pop up, then disappear again like that.

  • Again? You just got here, son.

  • I did? Shoot, man.

  • This cave has got me straight scrambled up and down.

  • What cave?

  • What? Oh. Uh-oh.

Every map I make is wrong.

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