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  • Annie Londonderry is famous for being the first woman to bicycle around the world.

  • But, there's more to the story.

  • And, the story starts, as most things doin a dark bar.

  • There is no possible way a woman could ride a bicycle around the world.

  • Can you imagine a woman trying to do it in a skirt?

  • If a woman could do that, I'd pay $10,000.

  • I, Annie Londonderry, will take that wager.

  • When Annie took that wager, she was oozing with confidence and charisma.

  • But, here's the thing, she had never even touched a bicycle.

  • In the late 1800's, bicycles were seen as dangerous for women and very unfeminine.

  • Riding a bicycle was a revolutionary act.

  • Legend has it, she cycled from Boston to New York City to Paris riding her bike one-footed after an injury.

  • To India, hunting tigers with royalty.

  • Singapore, Hong Kong, getting caught up in a war and sustaining a gunshot wound to her shoulder.

  • Nagasaki, being interned in a Japanese prison.

  • How did she get over oceans?

  • Don't worry about it.

  • San Francisco, Los Angeles, Phoenix and all the way back to Boston in exactly 15 months.

  • She did it.

  • The End.

  • Well, not all of that was exactly true.

  • And, you are?

  • I'm Peter Zheutlin, and Annie was a my great-grandaunt.

  • OK, so then what actually happened?

  • She was full of tall tales.

  • Even her name, Annie Londonderry, wasn't real.

  • Her real name was Annie Cohen Kopchovsky.

  • She even concocted the story of the wager.

  • And she definitely was not shot or thrown into a prison during the Chinese-Japanese War.

  • Well, what about all that other stuff like the leg injury?

  • She did injure her leg.

  • How about hunting for tigers with royalty?

  • That's false.

  • So, with some true stuff and some not so true stuff, how do you view her journey?

  • Although hers was a remarkable physical achievement,

  • her real achievement was becoming world-famous as a symbol of the women's liberation movement in the 1890s.

  • Annie's sheer audacity and the way she fought for herself, for her own adventures, on her own terms, was remarkable for her time.

  • Even if her story was kinda, sorta, not totally accurate.

Annie Londonderry is famous for being the first woman to bicycle around the world.

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The First Woman to Bicycle Around the World … Kind Of

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