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  • we are on earth and

  • the earth is just one planet in the galaxy

  • you could compare that to

  • an ant

  • on the patio in this backyard. the ant doesn't know

  • that there's more than the patio here

  • he just keeps walking, he doesn't know that

  • he's just part

  • of lots of worlds and

  • the human race is sort of like that. after they've

  • discovered what's up there

  • they know they're only a little part of the huge galaxy.

  • I think there probably are

  • many different lifeforms, cells and organisms

  • some may not be visible

  • some may not have been discovered and some may

  • be on places we can't go.

  • and they all might have the same perspective as we do on this, that

  • there might be others, and that

  • maybe they can find them some day, but at the moment, they don't know.

  • you never know for sure if there really is anything in the search, it's just

  • an endless quest, without knowing what your quest is.

  • I think it's realistic

  • at the same time that it is fantasful. it's just very complicated.

  • because you have no proof that there's anything out there

  • the only proof is yourself

  • and where you are in the universe.

  • and you can only make theories. you can never know the truth.

  • that's one of the hardest questions there is. I would say what's the meaning of your life is is what you make it.

  • what you want your life to be.

  • nobody can decide

  • what will you do

  • except for you. you have

  • control of yourself. you may not be lucky enough

  • and the odds may be against you, but

  • there's never a definite no, that you cannot do this.

  • it may be pre-destined

  • but you can change that destiny.

  • zia: "well that's tricky, but it's good to know"

  • I mean, I might be wrong. It might be schedule like some play or something

  • and you act it, not knowing that you're part of it

  • but all the same, maybe destiny is just telling you

  • maybe you just know it, and that's what destiny is...

  • destiny is a guess, a guess about what it knows about you and what it knows you would do

  • but then again, I might be wrong and destiny could be totally in control of you.

  • well, this right here is a wiffle ball bat. I'm training for the season.

  • in my opinion, baseball is one of the most special things in our lives.

  • but the reason that we play sports is very necessary

  • for the entertainment and for the suspense

  • because we do not have that kind of suspense in our lives

  • art and music are a type of art that is visible at the same as it is here.

  • you can hear a sense of color, in a way in your mind.

  • zia: "so when you listen to music, do you see colors or hear colors?"

  • sometimes.

  • zia: "like you might listen to a piece of music and think that sounds like red"

  • yeah.

we are on earth and

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9 year old discusses the meaning of life and the universe

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    田立瑋 posted on 2013/09/19
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