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  • Nobody likes uncomfortable moments. It just feels

  • uncomfortable. So when you are

  • trying to start a conversation there

  • is presumably this gap that you're trying to fill.

  • so my advice is to have a few tricks in your back pocket

  • that you can automatically default to, to immediately

  • break that uncomfortable silence and

  • ignite a really interesting conversation. So let's take for example

  • you're in a new environment where a lot of strangers are coming together

  • and when you walk into the space maybe you're naturally gravitate towards an

  • individual

  • maybe because you like what they're wearing or you just somehow seem drawn

  • to them.

  • What are the techniques I love to do is really

  • genuinely acknowledge something that you find interesting about them.

  • It could be commenting on a button they're wearing or shoes that they

  • have on or

  • maybe the way they styled her hair who knows or or a jacket that the one who

  • knows

  • but it's something that is inspired on on them

  • that you can spark the conversation and you're having

  • a shared experience because they're they're wearing it or their

  • embodying it and your acknowledging it. Now the second thing that I like to do

  • is take the idea of a shared experience to the environment itself.

  • You both in the same place maybe there is a statement that you can

  • knowledge about what's happening in the room or the people or

  • how excited you are to hear such-and-such speaker. There's something

  • that you can connect to

  • that is a shared experience and thirdly

  • I'm always intrigued by the question of: so what brought you here today.

  • I want to know why. I love knowing why

  • people do the things that they do, even if it's why did they come to that event.

  • You would be amazed at the stories that you hear and the

  • opening that's created. So if you wanna start

  • an interesting conversation have a couple of sparks

  • of topics that you can bring to the table that

  • immediately sets people at ease. Now with all of these examples

  • one thing is for certain. Your energy is going to attract that energy to you.

  • So if you're showing up in an event and you're feeling confident. You're feeling

  • warm

  • and you have the ability to just open yourself up to the people around you

  • that also helps you start a conversation,

  • because you're basically wearing a billboard that says yes

  • I wanna meet you. Yes I wanna talk to you.

  • So with that energy in mind have three

  • things that you can have in your back pocket to bring up as conversation

  • starters

  • and believe me you will never want for anyone to talk to.

Nobody likes uncomfortable moments. It just feels

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How to Start a Conversation

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