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  • Hello, my name is Franck, I come from France, I'm 19 years old.

  • Hi, my name is Julia, I'm 18 and I'm from Austria.

  • Brisbane is a very relaxed city, the people are friendly and easy going,

  • and you have the weather which is beautiful.

  • I like the atmosphere in class. Kaplan's teachers are really good.

  • The teachers use different ways of teaching that I really like,

  • like listening reading practice, you play games as well,

  • so it's not just serious, it's fun as well and it's really good.

  • Here in Brisbane we've got a great team of teachers.

  • What I love about them is that they actually have a lot of energy in the classroom.

  • They go the extra mile and it just makes for a variety of learning,

  • and a lot of fun for the students in their classes.

  • The students have the study centre available to them.

  • They can study online. They have a library with reference books for self study.

  • Also the teachers are available, this is the wonderful thing about the staff as well.

  • We're happy to sit down with students and help them with their individual problems.

  • When a student comes to Brisbane they have 2 options of accommodation.

  • One is home stay, now that's a great opportunity for a student,

  • to practice their English in a very friendly environment.

  • I choose to stay in a home stay, it's very nice to be there,

  • because the family is very, very nice, it's very useful,

  • because when I speak English the family can help me,

  • and they can correct my mistakes when I do a mistake.

  • The other option would be our resident accommodation.

  • That provides students with breakfasts and dinners.

  • They also get to meet lots of other students from around the world,

  • so it's a great opportunity for them again to practice their English.

  • A great thing about Kaplan is that they organize trips,

  • for example you can go to the Lone Pine Sanctuary,

  • and there you can feed kangaroos, you can feed wallabies,

  • you can hold the koala and you can see a lot of birds, it's amazing there.

  • In Brisbane you have the river and you can easily catch the ferry which is really cool,

  • and it's the best way to travel around, because you see the skyline of Brisbane.

  • One of the places I like to go in my free time is South Bank.

  • You have the big wheel where you can get a great overview of Brisbane,

  • then you have Queen Street mall where you can find anything you want,

  • from clothes, food, DVDs.

  • I never get bored in Brisbane, you have so many things to do.

  • For me my favorite activity was rock climbing,

  • because when you arrive at the top of the wall,

  • you can see all of the city, it's just amazing.

  • Kaplan organizes every second month a student party with a theme,

  • and it's just always great fun because all the students are coming,

  • and everybody's having a great time, and drinking and dancing.

  • I think I really recommend Kaplan for my friends.

  • I think it's the biggest experience for all my life,

  • I enjoy a lot myself here, it's a fantastic experience.

  • I have seen students move from elementary to higher intermediate in a year,

  • you know, because they work hard, because they study hard, it's possible to do it.

  • You will 100% improve your English if you come here and study hard.

  • 6 months my English has improved a lot.

  • Since I'm going to Kaplan I'm more confident, especially in talking to people.

  • Before I was a bit afraid. I love my choice to go abroad,

  • because it was just awesome.

Hello, my name is Franck, I come from France, I'm 19 years old.

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