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  • Hello my darlings

  • it's Lucy from English with Lucy

  • I never know quite what to do in the introduction

  • So I thought a slide in

  • Might be quite...erm... I dunno

  • So everyone really seemed to like my last video

  • 5 Common British Expressions

  • So here is part 2: here are 5 more common British expressions

  • That us British people, we use on a daily basis

  • Very important news: I now have an instagram which is @learnenglishwithlucy

  • along with my Facebook and my Youtube

  • all the information will be right here

  • And for my Chinese followers

  • I know you're watching me

  • over in... China

  • So I've created a Weibo (I think it's pronounced like that)

  • Weebo Weybo? Not sure

  • Feel free to laugh at me

  • But I've created an account so that I can communicate with you too

  • So our first common British expression is

  • bits and bobs

  • and this means various or miscellaneous things

  • so, if someone asks you

  • What did you get for Christmas?

  • And you just really got a mixture

  • You can say

  • Oh, just bits and bobs really.

  • Nothing huge, just general random things

  • So the next one is gobsmacked

  • And this means amazed or surprised or shocked

  • it's kind of a mixture of all of them

  • So, can you believe she left him?

  • or can you believe he did that?

  • Say: I'm absolutely gobsmacked!

  • It can be both positive and negative

  • So, number three is to lose the plot

  • And this means to go mad or to go crazy

  • Mad is another word for crazy

  • So, I can't believe you spent £300 on a pair of socks

  • You've completely lost the plot

  • This can be used negatively and also affectionately

  • I'd often say to my mum if she spends too much money

  • that she's completely lost the plot

  • I love you mum!

  • Now we have number four which is

  • to take the mickey

  • we sometimes shorten mickey to mick

  • to take the mick

  • and also a more vulgar version is to take the piss

  • But I would only use that in a colloquial situation with my friends

  • Not at work or with people I need to respect

  • Not that I don't respect my friends

  • you know what I mean

  • Not around authority

  • So an example would be

  • What? Free English lessons with a native English teacher?

  • Are you taking the mick?

  • The answer would of course be

  • No it's true...just search 'English with Lucy'

  • Ok and last but not least we have to pass with flying colours

  • and this means to be very successful

  • in a test or selection process

  • Like a job interview

  • an example of this would be...

  • Lucy passed her university exams with flying colours

  • yayy! this is true!

  • And thank you to all my subscribers that were so patient

  • whilst I was doing my university exams

  • because I didn't upload any videos for quite a long time

  • but I'm back now so you can enjoy many more lessons in the future

  • Now before we fssthhbhbttbhbthbthbth

Hello my darlings

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5 Common British English Expressions (Episode 2)

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    許大善 posted on 2018/05/06
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