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  • Hi, I'm Nick Cage

  • And this is Game In 60 Seconds.

  • Today's game is Destiny.

  • OK, let's ride.

  • Before you play

  • you have to choose between 3 classes

  • 3 races

  • and way to few hairstyles.

  • I called Bungie and made up my own class

  • 'Nouveau Shaman'

  • He's me with flaming hair and sunglasses

  • Cos that's cool

  • He's got a sweet super

  • Which is charged all the time

  • It's called the Nick Cage stare

  • And it goes a little something like this

  • Pew pew pew pew pew pew pew

  • Everyone else seems to think the goal of the game is to dance

  • Everytime I go to the tower who return my bounty

  • It's like walking through a FREKKIN' RAVE

  • So far, the most challenging thing in Destiny

  • Is The Vault of Glass

  • Not because of the enemies

  • But because getting 6 friends to coordinate schedules


  • I have yet to finish because Gary Busey

  • insists on carrying the Relic

  • and that f***er

  • can't go 10 minutes without making a SNACK RUN

  • leaving the rest of us as blind cannon fodder

  • While we listen to him sucking down baby back ribs

  • 00:00:39,521 --> 00:00:40,700 I NEED THAT MYTHOCLAST BUSEY


  • Just give me a damn minute Cage!

  • These ribs are so savoury

  • The Dark Below Expansion is so weak

  • This is just a new coat of paint

  • Over the SAME DAMN THING

  • Bungie and Activision


  • In the end

  • My favourite activity is the fan in the Tower

  • I love pushing that button

  • And watching those dancing f***s fly!

  • Dance now!

  • Try me!

  • You can't.

  • Can you?

  • Overall I give Destiny 3 our of 5 Ghost Riders

  • And one evil Nick Cage stare

Hi, I'm Nick Cage

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Game In 60 Seconds: Destiny

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    顏 寬   posted on 2018/05/02
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