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  • You say you're good at keeping plot secrets and things, but you were a bit

  • loose lipped about the plot for Star Trek.

  • To one... one person, yeah, who I

  • thought deserved to know and that was Stephen Hawking.

  • We were into our third margarita, I think and I decided to tell him and he literally,

  • apart from the agents who told me the news and the people who were employing me,

  • were the only people that were supposed to know.

  • So yeah, I told him.

  • Wow, did he tell anyone else?

  • Not as far as I'm aware.

  • Now, here's the thing. The late Professor Hawking's

  • work into the nature of space and time...

  • Yeah.

  • ...Inspires us here on the show a lot and we often unearth

  • new evidence of time travel on the show.

  • For instance, we've outed Daniel Radcliffe as a time traveller.

  • Actually not once but twice.

  • We found Daniel again in another era.

  • There he is.

  • We also had Justin Timberlake.

  • He showed up in Newcastle as a ruffian and now we

  • can exclusively reveal Benedict Cumberbatch is also a time traveller.

  • Here he is in the 1920s.

  • That is uncanny!

  • Yeah it's crazy.

  • You made someone very happy in the 1920s.

  • It's like looking in the mirror, Graham.

  • Where did I get those bangs from? Look at that.

  • I know.

  • We can... if you want, we can recreate the look if you want

  • Can I say, I'm glad you said yes because someone went to a lot of trouble to make this.

  • -Yeah, okay. -Okay well to honour that I must wear it.

  • Oh the internet, here we come.

  • -You do that bit yourself. -Shall I do that bit myself?

  • I don't want to hurt you. Okay.

  • Right, ready? Okay, where do I look?

  • Where do you look? Camera five, there. -There, yeah okay.

  • That's not bad!

You say you're good at keeping plot secrets and things, but you were a bit

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Benedict Cumberbatch recreates a photo of a 1920s bride - The Graham Norton Show: BBC One

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