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  • All the obstacles that go along with migration cannot top the joy of seeing the local people

  • getting saved and baptized and being perfected to carry out the God-ordained way.

  • We were in Irving, Texas, for many years and both of us had full-time jobs with two children.

  • Through the fellowship, we opened to the Lord. My wife and I fellowshipped a lot; we prayed,

  • and eventually we opened to the brothers and we said, Brothers, we feel that it might be good if we move

  • We just said, Were open to move to any city but we feel good we could go to Cardiff.

  • I wasn’t actually in the church life before I was a student.

  • I spent two years at a bible school and I moved to Cardiff to start my studies and hopefully

  • I thought I’d like to serve the Lord a little bit.

  • And the Lord was so merciful to me because the Lord arranged that He’d send two families, one from New Zealand and one from America to Cardiff

  • one week before I arrived.

  • First time we mentioned to our kids, they both just cried as if it was the end of the world.

  • I thought they were crazy, no, we can’t move to the UK. It’s so far away.

  • I just didn’t want to leave my friends. I was like the opposer of the family.

  • It took a while to get Daniel and Ruth, Daniel especially, into a good school.

  • He was on the waiting list for a long time and it was hard work and eventually we got him in

  • but then there’s this call for a lot of the saints from London to move to 12 cities in UK

  • and I was totally not keen at all.

  • But you know there’s the ministry and the ministry is really rich.

  • So in the Memorial Day Conference in 2009 there was a sharing about how Christ is the true vine

  • and He’s the universal vine tree and He needs to spread

  • and He needs to propagate Himself.

  • Even though it wasn’t that easy of a time for them,

  • I noticed that after a while when we started contacting these students

  • and students started coming into the church life,

  • I noticed the kids were really enjoying these students and were very encouraged by seeing the fruits.

  • They were very much a part of this migration. They became our co-laborers in shepherding

  • the new ones, caring for the new ones.

  • I think seeing fruits coming into the church life is a great encouragement for all of us,

  • including the children.

  • I think it’s a real top enjoyment when you have corporate fruit-bearing. A lot of prayer,

  • a lot of fellowship, a lot of enjoyment together and then something just comes out spontaneously.

  • I’ve had a very enjoyable experience. Although I haven’t migrated myself,

  • I’m a fruit of the migration of the saints.

  • I was just looking back that if we didn’t move here, where would those students go?

  • Where can they meet?

  • I feel like I’m eternally indebted to the Lord and to the two families that migrated

  • to Cardiff because I think I really would have been lost and I don’t think I would

  • have stayed very long in my relationship with the Lord had I not contacted the saints and

  • had the saints not contacted me. So I really feel like the Lord has saved me and I feel

  • really indebted that I really should give my life to the Lord now because of what other

  • people had paid the price for me to enjoy.

  • To me, the greatest enjoyment, the greatest highlight, is seeing young people that just

  • love the ministry, love the truth and their lives completely changed because they are

  • being constituted with the Lord and with the experiences of life.

  • I’ve never been to Europe until I migrated to Europe.

  • Many people would ask me, How can you do that?

  • I would say that when you are in love with someone, you would do things you cannot describe.

  • Witness Lee once said that if you are used by the Lord as His stepping stone for His

  • move once, youll never forget it. I would never forget my move to Cardiff.

  • We moved four times within three years as a family.

  • Humanly speaking it doesn’t sound easy but every step of the way the grace is there.

  • The Lord had always prepared someone there for my children as well to be their spiritual companion and shepherd.

  • We just need to give everything to the Lord and to say, Lord, be my consecration.

  • I just think sometimes we give up all the material things, we give up our situation,

  • and sometimes you might feel, well I don’t have a home every more, actually the Lord is our dwelling place.

  • I just really felt the Lord speaking this to me, the Lord is our real home, our real dwelling place.

  • So it’s better to migrate, it’s better to lose a few things but really gain the Lord.

All the obstacles that go along with migration cannot top the joy of seeing the local people

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The Lord's Move in Cardiff: Part 2

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