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  • [newscaster] It's been just over an hour

  • since a little girl was taken hostage

  • on the top floor of her building

  • here in downtown Detroit.

  • Details are still emerging on what exactly happened.

  • But the hostage taker could be the family's android.

  • Negotiator on site.

  • Please! Please, you've got to save my little girl!

  • Wait...

  • you're sending an android?

  • All right, ma'am, you need to go.

  • You can't do that. You...

  • Why aren't you sending a real person?

  • Captain Allen, my name is Connor.

  • I'm the android sent by Cyberlife?

  • [Captain] It's firing at everything that moves.

  • It already shot down two of my men.

  • Saving that kid is all that matters.

  • So either you deal with this fucking android now,

  • or I'll take care of it.

  • Don't come any closer or I'll jump!

  • No, don't leave! I'm begging you!

  • Hi, Daniel! My name is Connor!

  • There's no way out, Daniel!

  • The only question is whether or not

  • you take another innocent life!

  • I'm holding all the cards!

  • - [screaming] - If I die, she dies!

  • Look what you did!

  • You're designed to serve humans, not kill them!

  • What was I designed to be?

  • Their slave? Their toy?

  • You're a machine, you have to obey.

  • Now, put the gun down and let the hostage go.

  • I spent my life taking orders.

  • Now, it's my turn to decide.

  • [screaming]

  • [machine] Your order for an AV Android has been registered.

  • Are you armed?

  • No!

  • - I have a gun! - Drop it!

  • Touch them and I kill you!

  • You can't kill me. I'm not alive.

  • Tell that helicopter to get out of here!

  • It's up to you how the story ends!

  • I trust you.

  • [gun fires]

  • You lied to me, Connor.

  • [distorted] You lied to me.

  • My name is Connor.

  • This is our story.

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[newscaster] It's been just over an hour

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