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  • Hey guys , today i'll be sharing with you

  • some lessons i've learned through my porn recovery journey and hopefully

  • get some value out of it . let's start by understanding this bad habit

  • charles duhigg explains that a habit consists of three main components:

  • 1)Trigger 2)Routine and finally the reward. for porn users the triggers are pretty obvious

  • it's a time of the day , someday in the weekend or when you're experiencing a general

  • feeling of boredom and stress . The routine is the habit itself you see

  • the trigger and BAM! your brain goes on autopilot anticipating a reward which is

  • orgasm .. now this is the cycle that you want to break free from right ? Charles says that

  • To change a habit you have to Keep the routine and the triggers the same

  • Only change the routine .. Now this is possible for most habits but for porn users

  • it's not that practical , if I were to change the routine to reading books for example

  • am not going to get orgasm out of that (laughs) .

  • i was tracking down several triggers to find out where do these urges actually come from

  • I discovered that the problem was not only the habit itself

  • The problem is in the habits that are interwoven with it .. like to call these

  • 'Micro Habits' these micro habits are executed unconsciously and triggered

  • Because Of a lack in basic human needs like socializing or more importantly

  • A lack of feminine energy in your life

  • here's an example for 'micro habits' : so i'd be surfing the internet calmly

  • Then i began to feel lonely and bored(trigger).. i go on Facebook (routine) i get my (reward)

  • wich is : a relief from stress . this is a micro habit .

  • the question is : how does this relate to porn ? well your intention was to go

  • chat for a little bit right ? but let's be honest here(laughs) as a former Porn user myself

  • when they i a hot model's picture on facebook my craving brain

  • will make me react automatically by clicking on it .

  • of course you can still argue that this doesn't count as Porn !

  • But what you're not aware of.. is that your brain is producing little shots of dopamine

  • Here and there from these micro habits and that's how you get cravings for porn .

  • i describe 'micro habits' as : passive comsumption you're not actually exposed

  • to porn directly but you're getting little shots of dopamine from these bikini

  • thumbnails on youtube , or even a simple kissing scene in your favorite movie .

  • here's what happens from there : visualization kicks in .

  • you start fantasizing .. this is why you go on Facebook and ten minutes later you find

  • yourself on a porn site . now I want to point out that I am NOT against using

  • any social media platform ! you're free to do whatever you want , I'm just sharing

  • out my personal experience here . we arrived at the interesting part now

  • The solution . the solution is pretty simple if we cannot change the macro habit

  • we'll try to replace the micro habits .

  • this is not a quick fix or a magic pill but rather things i've tried personally

  • So here's what I did it : i took the routine for every single micro habits

  • and replaced it , with flow state activities , why ? because the only thing

  • that could produce huge amounts of dopamine like orgasm

  • is a flow state so I replaced the old routines with flow state activities

  • And with time , i got addicted on flow rather than watching junk porn on my computer

  • By doing what i did you will not only reduce your exposure to porn

  • you're going to be building a lot of will Power :)

Hey guys , today i'll be sharing with you

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