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  • Kreviazuk]\\par How I'm feeling, it doesn't matter\\par

  • Cause you know I'm okay\\par And still, I ask myself, "Why do you worry?"\\par

  • When you know I'm the same\\par I know, I know you don't love me, baby\\par

  • They\\rquote re trying to take you away from me\\par

  • Only over my dead body...\\par \\par

  • [Verse 1]\\par I think I killed everybody in the game last

  • year, man\\par Fuck it, I was on though\\par

  • And I thought I found the girl of my dreams at a strip club (mm-mm)\\par

  • Fuck it, I was wrong though\\par Shout out all to all my niggas living tax

  • free\\par Nowadays it's six figures when they tax me\\par

  • Oh well, I guess you lose some and win some\\par Long as the outcome is income\\par

  • You know I want it all and then some\\par Shout out to Asian girls, let the lights dim

  • some\\par Shots came, I don't know where they was sent

  • from\\par Probably some bad hoes I'm 'bout to take the

  • hint from\\par Yeah, you know me well, nigga\\par

  • I mean you ain't the only real nigga\\par They got me on these white women like Seal,

  • nigga\\par Slave to the pussy but I'm just playing the

  • field, nigga\\par Are these people really discussing my career

  • again?\\par Asking if I'll be going platinum in a year

  • again?\\par Don't I got the shit the world wanna hear

  • again?\\par Don't Michael Jordan still got his hoop earring

  • in?\\par Man all of your flows bore me: paint drying\\par

  • And I don't ever be trippin off of what ain't mine\\par

  • And I be hearing the shit you say through the grapevine\\par

  • But jealousy is just love and hate at the same time\\par

  • Yeah...It's been that way from the beginning\\par I just been playing, I ain't even even notice

  • I was winning\\par And this is the only sound you should fear\\par

  • Man, these kids wear crowns over here and everything is alright\\par

  • \\par [Hook]\\par

  • \\par [Verse 2]\\par

  • You say I'm old news, well who the new star?\\par Cause if I'm going anywhere, it's probably

  • too far\\par Just performed at a Bar Mitzvah over in the

  • States\\par Used half of the money to beat my brother's

  • case\\par Red wine over Fed time\\par

  • And shout out to the niggas that's doing dead time\\par

  • Shout out to the bitches there when it's bedtime\\par And fuck you to the niggas that think it's

  • their time\\par Yeah, don't make me take your life apart,

  • boy\\par You and whoever the fuck gave you your start

  • boy\\par Oh, you wanna be a motherfucking funny guy?\\par

  • Don't make me break your Kevin Hart, boy\\par Yeah.. it's whatever\\par

  • You know, feeling good - living better\\par I think maybe I was numb to it last year\\par

  • But you know I feel it now more than ever\\par My city love me like Mac Dre in the Bay\\par

  • Second album, I'm back paving the way\\par The backpackers are back on the bandwagon\\par

  • Like this was my comeback season back, back in the day\\par

  • And I met your baby moms last night\\par We took a picture together, I hope she frames

  • it!\\par And I was drinking at the Palms last night\\par

  • And ended up losing everything that I came with\\par

  • Feel like I've been here before, huh?\\par I still got 10 years to go, huh?\\par

  • And this is the only sound you should fear\\par Man, these kids wear crowns over here and

  • everything is all right\\par \\par

  • [Hook]\\par \\par

  • [Outro]\\par Three in the morning still going down\\'85\\f1\\lang12\\par

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A2 UK par nigga shout f0 hook fuck

Drake 01 - Over My Dead Body

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    JoeChen posted on 2018/04/01
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