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  • [Music] What can I help you with, Lord of Darkness?

  • I'm looking for a date.

  • The date is Friday, July 13th.

  • No, no, I want to meet someone.

  • Understood, you want to eat dim sum.

  • Don't you get it?

  • I want to go on a date, I'm...lonely.

  • I understand.

  • You want Bologna.

  • Ahh.

  • Too many eyes.

  • Too few eyes.

  • not into Pentacles.

  • - Dad? - Mavis!

  • You're stressed out from working too hard.

  • you need a vacation from running everyone else's vacation.

  • and I know just how to fix it.

  • Mavis, where are we going?

  • A cruise?

  • Surprise!

  • - Oh no no no no. - Dad!

  • Come on, there's so much to do.

  • you could go scuba diving.

  • try some exotic food.

  • [Music] or just enjoy the view!

  • Ok, Dad, thank you.

  • Maybe you'll find your own fireworks on the cruise.

  • It's not The Love Boat, Frank.

  • Hello there, I'm Captain Erica.

  • You must be the one and only Dracula!

  • [Dracula's own language]

  • There's something about an accent that makes a man sound so intelligent.

  • [Dracula's own language]

  • You nailed it, honey!

  • it's best summer vacation ever!

  • You were right, great-grandfather Van Helsing.

  • Monsters are disgusting!

  • They have no idea what's about to happen to them.

  • Hahahahaha

  • Today all going according to plan.

  • There is something about that woman I don't trust.

  • The food here is to die for.

  • Hmm.

  • Must have been garlic in the guacamole.

  • Is that deadly for you?

  • [fart sound] Hey... Was that you?

  • Ahh.

  • Oh no, Blobby's gonna puke!

  • -Papa! - Awww

[Music] What can I help you with, Lord of Darkness?

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HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA 3 Trailer 2 (2018)

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