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  • Prior to this morning's meeting of the KMT disciplinary comittee,

  • President Ma Ying-jeou, who also serves as KMT chairman,

  • held yet another news conference lashing out at Wang,

  • and insisting he wasn't fit to continue in the legislature.

  • However, Ma's insistence that Wang's party membership must be stripped

  • led to criticism that the president didn't leave any room for the disciplinary committee to reach any other conclusion.

  • One hour before the KMT held its disciplinary meeting,

  • President Ma hosted a news conference, using the title of KMT chairman.

  • After watching Speaker Wang’s speech at the airport,

  • I was deeply disappointed.

  • I believe Wang is no longer suited to serving as legislative speaker.

  • If the KMT cannot give Wang a punishment that results in revoking his KMT membership

  • and disqualifying him as a KMT at-large legislator,

  • which would mandate his departure from the Legislature,

  • it would be tantamount to tacitly permitting Wang’s continued trampling of the dignity of our justice system.

  • DPP Legislator Chen Ting-fei believes that Ma’s statement was to send a message to the party’s disciplinary committee.

  • (Ma) directly set the tone, requesting the disciplinary committee to follow his position and his plan.

  • If this isn’t applying pressure to the committee then what is it?

  • I want to ask Ma Ying-jeou, have you gone crazy?

  • Are you in this much of a rush?

  • KMT Central Standing Committee member Lee Te-wei is a known for his alignment with the Lien Chan party faction.

  • On Facebook, he also questioned Ma’s sanity

  • and called the president’s methods crude and despicable.

Prior to this morning's meeting of the KMT disciplinary comittee,

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President says Wang Jin-pyng no longer suited to serve as legislative speaker

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    VoiceTube posted on 2013/09/12
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