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  • Mr. Speaker, I am pleased to report today to the House

  • on a UK economy that has grown in every year since 2010.

  • These new figures from the Office

  • for Budget Responsibility are the best indication

  • we have of the state of the UK economy.

  • The headline is that over the next five years,

  • the UK economy will be a little bit sluggish still.

  • And the public finances will be improving, but improving

  • slowly.

  • Looking at the growth forecast, the figures for last year,

  • 2017, have been upgraded to 1.7% growth.

  • We knew that, because the data was already out.

  • For this year, 2018, again, a very small increase, up to 1.5%

  • from 1.4%.

  • Then there's no change in 2019, 2020, and very small downgrades

  • for 2021 and 2022.

  • So overall, the amount of growth overall

  • over the five-year period, about the same as in November.

  • Taxes have been coming into the Exchequer faster than expected.

  • And the OBR confirmed that the Chancellor

  • was going to have a windfall this year of about 5

  • billion pounds.

  • That's 5 billion pounds lower borrowing,

  • about 45 billion pounds, compared with the 50 billion

  • it expected as recently as the November budget.

  • This means that the level of debt in the economy

  • is going to be falling slowly as a share of national income

  • from this year onwards, really tiny falls at first,

  • and then slightly bigger falls over the next few years.

  • With about 5 billion pounds to play with,

  • if these figures are confirmed in the budget in November,

  • then Philip Hammond, the Chancellor

  • will have some scope to probably increase public spending.

  • It's not a big increase in public spending.

  • 5 billion pounds is tiny compared with the overall size

  • of the economy.

  • But it might just give him enough cash

  • in the autumn to stop a crisis in the NHS over the winter

  • or to tide things over for social care,

  • just a little bit of money to play with.

Mr. Speaker, I am pleased to report today to the House

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Growth up, debt down–what next for Philip Hammond

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    Kate Chang posted on 2018/03/26
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