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  • you're looking good DJ

  • yeah,thanks.

  • I think I gonna do it.

  • Are you this is good idea ?

  • no,but i gonna try

  • Well its prom night,

  • I'm all alone and man I feel so lame.

  • Across the gym, stands the girl of my dreams

  • but she doesn't even know my name

  • As I stare my heart skips a beat, she leaves me breathless I can't pretend

  • I know that I can't offer her much,

  • but I sure beat her douche bag boyfriend

  • You may never want me

  • But love for you is true

  • So everywhere I go girl

  • I'll be touching myself to you

  • Oh...I will masturbate to you in the shower

  • In the cafeteria during lunch hour

  • Gonna play with myself in my Parents' car...

  • to you!

  • Oooh, I will masturbate to you on the beach

  • In the dentists chair while he's cleaning my teeth

  • I'll never see you again after tonight

  • But I will masturbate to you for life

  • Don't dare you stare and judge me on how I express my love

  • You can write poetry,

  • me I will rub and tug

  • I'll never hold you

  • Lay with you in the sand

  • Go live your life girl

  • Cause I'll being making love to my hand

  • Oh, I will masturbate to you like a fiend

  • On Martin Luther King Day and duing Halloween

  • Stroking every single night of Hanukah

  • Oh, I will masturbate to you over sea's

  • On the Eiffel tower and while meeting the Queen

  • Honey go with him,

  • I'll be alright.

  • Cause I will masturbate to you for life

  • Life is so lonely without you

  • There's only so much jerking one guy can do

  • But why this devotion

  • I've wasted all my lotion

  • Baby I was blind but now I can see..

  • Oh, I will masturbate as you grow old with me

  • Every single birthday and anniversary

  • In the delivery room as our first child is born

  • I will masturbate to you and you alone

  • Playing with our grandkids in our nursing home

  • You're the one that I need I must have missed it somehow

  • But I will masturbate,

  • I will masturbate, I will masturbate..

  • To you

  • right

  • now

you're looking good DJ

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    Zenn posted on 2013/09/10
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