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  • (upbeat jazz music)

  • How do you run a meeting?

  • I like to have a clear agenda,

  • know what we're trying to get done,

  • and get it done as quickly as possible and move on.

  • Listen more, talk less,

  • and be decisive when the time comes.

  • Well prepared, pre-reads, and an agenda.

  • I don't have a desk, we have an open table

  • with the entire management team sits there

  • which means people can walk up to us

  • but I like the interruptions, I like people coming up

  • 'cause those are unique moments to interact with people

  • and learn things quickly, a lot of five minute meetings.

  • Collaborative, active listening, dynamic tension.

  • To have a mixture of being on time

  • and having open discussion.

(upbeat jazz music)

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How to Run a Better Meeting: Advice From Extremely Successful People

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    Kate Chang posted on 2018/03/19
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