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  • Whipped cream...

  • Put it in your pants

  • Cactus...

  • We put it in our pants

  • Bean burrito...

  • Now you know what's up

  • Mayonnaise, dump all of that

  • A dictionary and an almanac

  • A large pizza, extra cheese

  • A used thong, oh yes please

  • Dirty diaper, don't ask why

  • Have some milk run down your thighs

  • All purpose flour in your pants

  • A pinch of salt and now we dance

  • Put it in your pants (x4)

  • Put it in your pants

  • Put it in your pants

  • Put it in your pants

  • And dance

  • Put a fish inside your slacks

  • This might hurt, a bunch of tacs

  • Let's get sticky, a jar of honey

  • Add some feathers, hmm that's funny

  • A dozen eggs, make sure they're fresh

  • Tampons, absorb the mess

  • Gasoline, let's heat it up

  • Now light a match...

  • Now blow it out

  • Get a gun, now drop it in

  • A yoyo, just let it spin

  • Telephone, hear it ring

  • Mac and cheese, then silly string

  • Bake a cake now smash the cake

  • Then get a steak now drop that steak

  • Add your insurance plan

  • Now finish off with your best friend's hand

  • Put it in your pants

  • It's not weird, just do it

  • Put it in your pants

  • Don't question us, just get into it

  • Put it in your pants

  • Put it in your pants

  • And dance

  • Nails...

  • Cat food...

  • Cottage cheese...

  • Light bulb...

  • Pudding...

  • Pizza sauce...

  • Put it in your pants

  • Keep calm and carry on

  • Just put it in your pants

  • When in doubt you know what to do

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Whipped cream...

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B1 put cheese steak pizza cake thong

Put It In Your Pants (And Dance)

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    Zenn posted on 2013/09/09
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