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  • - [Narrator] Nothing says Britain more than...

  • Nope.

  • Nope.

  • Keep going.

  • Ah, yes, there it is.

  • A nice cup of tea.

  • (bright music)

  • We know we have China to thank for introducing tea to the Western world.

  • But how did it make its way to England

  • and become the cultural obsession it is today?

  • Well, that's all thanks to one Portuguese woman.

  • The year, 1662.

  • The person, Catherine of Braganza.

  • She had just won the hand of England's King Charles II

  • with the help of a very large dowry

  • including money, treasures, and spices.

  • This worthwhile trade made her the Queen of England, Scotland, and Ireland.

  • When she arrived to her new homeland,

  • she brought with her packets of loose leaf tea

  • in crates labeled Transporte de Ervas Aromaticas.

  • It's a theory that this was later abbreviated to T-E-A, tea.

  • Now tea could already be found in England

  • but was only really used for medicinal purposes.

  • Catherine continued drinking tea to her heart's content.

  • - Mm.

  • - [Narrator] And as the new royal, everything about her,

  • including her beverage habits,

  • was copied by other ladies desperate to be just like their idol.

  • Another thing Catherine brought to the table from Portugal was the idea of tea drinking experience.

  • She popularized the use of porcelain teacups and mugs.

  • By the end of the 17th century,

  • much of British aristocracy were enjoying the hot beverage.

  • - [Woman] Oo, delightful.

  • - [Narrator] And soon enough, so was everyone else.

  • Today, while tea can be found pretty much everywhere,

  • it remains a special daily pastime for the Brits.

  • - Mm.

  • - [Narrator] So carry on and drink tea, people of England.

- [Narrator] Nothing says Britain more than...

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Why Britain Loves Tea

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