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  • Now if you think in your brain hard enough of getting these bills to switch, do you think

  • it will will? No!

  • No, I think it will, man! What's up guys, Stuart Edge here. Basically, for this magic

  • trick, I took one thousand dollars out of my personal funds, and we're going to hit

  • the streets looking for people who could use a pick me up.

  • Here's the trick, I'm going to teach you how to do magic, okay?

  • Okay. I've got a regular one dollar bill, like this.

  • I'm going to fold it up, and, uh, stick it in your hand, Just let it sit there. Don't

  • let it leave or let the wind blow. Um, next I'm going to take this, uh, real

  • one hundred dollar bill, okay. It's a real one hundred dollar bill. I'm going to fold

  • it up like this, and I'm going to put it inside your hand, like this.

  • I want you to close your hand up. Like this. Turn it over. I'm going to reach in. Let me

  • grab one of the bills. Okay, so I grabbed the hundred, that means

  • you have the one in there. So here's where that magic trick comes in handy. So, if you

  • believe that you can make the cards switch, and you believe and you want it bad enough,

  • then they'll switch. And here's the deal, I'll let you keep whatever's

  • in your hand. So I have the one hundred and you have the dollar. Just think and believe

  • and if you believe, it should switch. Ready? Open up.

  • Oh my gosh! Open up your bill.

  • Wow! Turn your hand.

  • Oh! Open up the bill.

  • How did you do that? Magic.

  • It wouldn't become one dollar later? No it won't become a one dollar later.

  • Thank you! I have the hundred, you still have the one.

  • You get to keep whatever's in your hand, okay? The deal is that you get to keep that. Hey

  • take care. How did you do that?

  • There's a power in fist bumping, okay? If we fist bump hard enough and you want it bad

  • enough, it should be able to switch. That was kind of weak. Ready? One, two. There we

  • go! Okay, open up your hand. But how it works?

  • It's just magic! How did you do that!

  • It was magic, man. Really magic?

  • Really magic. There's a power in fist bumping. If fist bump

  • hard enough, the bills should switch. One, two. Oh that was a big one! Okay ready?

  • No. How'd you do it? Magic!

  • Open up. That's crazy!

  • You magic. Magic man. Magic man. I'm the magic man, I guess.

  • You help the poor people like that. You're an amazing person. Not just cause you're

  • really magic, but you're really amazing. Thank you. Now I sing for you.

  • Oh now he's going to sing. I'm not the only person that's ever had motorcycles

  • pass through there shot while they're filming. I'm not the only person that's ever reached

  • out and helped somebody, so if you've had an experience, or you've been helped, leave

  • it in the comments below and let me know. Click here to subscribe, and click here to

  • watch more of my videos. If you want to learn more about the people that I talked with,

  • and the experience I had getting to know these people, then watch the behind the scenes video.

  • Also, share this video with your friends and your family and let's make this a happy place...

  • a happy world. God Bless. All I ask is if you have the opportunity

  • to give back or, whatever, just do. Oh I will. When I finish school, you have

  • no idea.

Now if you think in your brain hard enough of getting these bills to switch, do you think

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Money Magic Trick For Homeless

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