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  • Hi guys, so I'm here with Fortnight from Epic Games and it's a very popular title

  • at the moment it's a hundred player player versus player game and very

  • similar to pub G now I wanted to check out in this video here just how well

  • will it run on in Nvidia's MX150 that you see now and quite a few

  • eighth-generation into our powered laptops like this one

  • here this is Xiaomi's Mi Notebook Pro 15.6 inches it has 8 gigabytes of RAM

  • and paired up with that Core i5 8250U. So this video I'm gonna test

  • out 1080p gaming with the low preset the medium preset and the high one to see

  • what kind of performance we're going to get out of this particular NVIDIA GPU

  • it's very similar to the GT1030 so those results should really be the same as

  • that GPU 2 I'm also going to do a little bit of overclocking here to see if we

  • can help boost the performance so let's dive into the game now and check out how

  • well this configuration is going to run for tonight

  • so using msi afterburner here i'm going to overclock the GPU so i've added two

  • hundred megahertz to the core clock and then one gigahertz 1,000 megahertz to

  • the memory clock now this will vary from GPU to GPU so don't use exact values I

  • have here test out and find what's stable for you as long as it's not

  • crashing you don't see any artifacts then you'll be fine I'm also running the

  • latest Nvidia drivers here at the time of this video ok so for the whole

  • duration of this video I'm gonna stick to using 1080p and the 3d resolution

  • scaled to the full 100% full 1080p so I will start off with medium settings and

  • then I'll move on to using the high settings but I won't be testing out epic

  • in this video because epics gonna be just a part to demanding for this

  • relatively low end GPU so here we go let's set this to medium first and we'll

  • check out the performance okay so looking good so far we have 55 frames

  • per second just right here at the start so that's not too bad at all and it does

  • look good on medium still and you can see that I'm bad at all

  • now I must warn you that my gameplay is not going to be wonderful this is not

  • what this video is about it's not about my elite skills I have

  • as a gamer because no I don't have any it's just to check on their performance

  • and how this is going to run so it's still hovering 55 frames per second and

  • you can see the turbo there isn't exactly at the highest that this card

  • could do 1500 is where it's hovering around at the moment their GPU

  • okay so I'm gonna try and stick around with someone else that simply squad but

  • I lost them already you defined a weapon first of course

  • okay let's go a tactical shotgun that's something so that framerate is looking

  • pretty good I think you can safely say that with my overclock gear that's going

  • to be around 40 to 60 frames per second so not bad at all but for those who that

  • want the best on a friend's per second let's now test out low settings I'm

  • about to die already well Hudson take me long anyway low settings now so here we

  • go now on low setting we're looking close to 100 frames per second so that's

  • really good notice it doesn't look as nice but not too bad okay step down the

  • n2 89 85 frames per second

  • and the map that is still performing really well

  • close to 100 frames per second you might better hear the fans they have kicked in

  • already

  • let's see where everyone's going so it's actually you know it's gone down to now

  • 75 per second and lowering there see you might be best to dest just actually

  • leave this on the low sitting any weapons around here already okay so on

  • the high seating I can see already it's taking quite a huge hit here yes it does

  • look visually a lot better more pleasing to the eye but only 36 frames per second

  • so when that map pops up bet you this thing's gonna drop from right down to

  • probably below 30 frames per second so I mean it's not looking ideal Oh No not as

  • bad as I expected there 40 frames per second so I hope these storm closing in

  • on me and I'm doubt I'm gonna be actually able to outrun that and you can

  • see that really this game you want to be playing on someone shooting at me

  • already

  • oh dear I didn't think I was gonna last too long against that guy seems to be

  • pretty good anyway so that's a video that you can see go with low settings as

  • my recommendation or medium if you must have something that looks a little bit

  • better but this hardware runs the game just fine it's a very light engine

  • really quite scalable - they've done a really good job if it games with just

  • how many systems that this game is able to be playable on and I do hope to see

  • you back in the channel with my comparison of the me notebook Pro the

  • i-5 model against the i-5 new revised 8th gen Intel audition of the 13-inch

  • model they're gonna have that comparison coming up very shortly thank you so much

  • for watching bye for now

Hi guys, so I'm here with Fortnight from Epic Games and it's a very popular title

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