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  • Go to sleep, guys, or the Easter Bunny won't come.

  • And don't come out of your rooms even if you have to pee.

  • Just pee in your beds.

  • Way ahead of you.

  • Look what I found on sale at Food World,

  • jelly beans schnapps.

  • Isn't it fun?

  • Theme drink.

  • [clink]

  • Oh, god.

  • Oh, good.

  • This is amazing.

  • It's like all the flavors at once.

  • Right?

  • It doesn't even taste like it has alcohol in it.

  • How much does it have?

  • 100 proof?

  • Is that even legal?

  • I think.

  • I mean, the label's got a lot of misspelled words.

  • And it looks like it's just taped on.

  • Did you buy it at a store?

  • Or did you just get it from a guy?

  • I got it in the parking lot.

  • I don't think Food World sells in the parking lot.

  • Everything is in the store because that's

  • where you have to check out. - You know?

  • I thought that.

  • - Mm-hmm. - It'll be fine.

  • It'll be fine. Smell it.

  • It smells good.

  • Well, actually it smells bad.

  • But it tastes good.

  • Exactly.

  • Happy Easter.

  • OK, same rules as always.

  • And mark your eggs down on the map

  • so we can make sure they all get found.

  • And whoever's egg is found last is the winner.

  • Let's have a clean fight.

  • All right.

  • One more drink for motivation.

  • OK, one more, and then it's time to get serious.

  • Then we'll schnapps drinking.

  • You get it?

  • Stop, schnapps, stop, drink--

  • OK.

  • No, Bob, you babbling.

Go to sleep, guys, or the Easter Bunny won't come.

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Bob & Linda Drink A Little Too Much Parking Lot Bought Schnapps | Season 7 Ep. 16 | BOB'S BURGERS

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    Jin Wang posted on 2018/02/23
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