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  • I am David Alan Harvey.

  • I am a professional photographer.

  • Well, when I first heard about the Home Project, I thought this is absolutely perfect for me,

  • because I'm a very home oriented person in the first place, very family-oriented, very home oriented.

  • No matter where I am, I'm always bringing up in my hard drive my sense of home.

  • Well, I think I want to photograph both landscape and people, both.

  • That is going to go underwater, you know, in 20 years. This area is not going to exist.

  • Because this islands are moving all the time. So, there's no permanence to this place.

  • This landscape won't exist like this in 20 years. So I will have a document of that.

  • I'm going to put it together in a very kind of poetic way.

  • I can imagine other photographers doing something much tougher

  • and mine isn't going to be tough.Mine's going to be soft, poetic,

  • you know, is it a deep message to show poverty? Could be yes.

  • Is it a deep message to show War? Yes, could be.

  • But why can't something with Serenity also be a deep message.

  • But I'm happy to have a quiet place, cuz I can do maybe some nice surprise.

  • Yeah it's amazing down here.

  • I like this kind of light especially for black and white because it's a nice soft light.

  • I mean I shoot black and white and color the same way.

  • I mean if it's a good black and white pictures going to be a good color picture for me and vice-versa, shoot both the same way.

  • But this kind of flat light is may be especially good for black and white.

  • Everybody is going to click click all the time with their cameras and with their phones and so there's many many pictures being taken.

  • Photography now is the world's only international language that everybody can speak. Everybody can speak pictures, right?

  • Still only a few people, a few authors, a few special people with a special voice and a real sense of something to say.

  • Those people will use Photography in a different way than the other people.

  • Photography is lots of things to me. I mean, everything to me.

  • Photography has given me my education for one thing.

  • Another thing the photography gave me was a chance to say something about the world.

  • My initial intention was to hide to be invisible and to see the world and be able to express myself about the world but not be visible.

  • I was going to be invisible behind the camera.

  • It's still me telling the story but you know you can tell different types of stories.

  • But I try to get in and get the sweat and the blood and the mud and the smell in the feel of the place so what did actually feels like to be in that place.

  • These are the books that I think probably work the best.

  • I think this book as a new book '(based on a true story)'.

  • I think is the most Leading Edge book that I have.

  • I think in this book, rich people, poor people, gangsters, every kind of people here, police...

  • and so it took me several years to get the pictures for this book.

  • So this is exploring outside and the next book will be exploring home inside.

  • Books are everything. I mean, I enjoy magazines and newspapers but people throw them away. No, can hug a book, right?

  • Book it is, you know. Right here.

  • Of course, I have fun with Instagram I have fun with the social media.

  • It's a great way to build audience. There are so many good things to be said about the pictures that you looking at on your iPhone for sure.

  • But no, no, no, that is just a means to an end.

  • This is the result.

  • I've always been a minimalist.

  • I keep my quipment really simple.

  • For one thing, I want to be able to reach in the bag and make it work every time.

  • If I am using the same thing every time, the same prime lens, I'm going to have it all set up.

  • If I'm sitting there pushing buttons and looking at menus and the pictures going on out here I'm going to go crazy, right?

  • So I always have my camera set ready to go right now with any situation.

  • Pictures never over.

  • Squeeze the lemon.

  • Squeeze the lemon till there's no more juice and then there's always another drop.

I am David Alan Harvey.

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