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  • Hi, everybody.

  • I'm Miranda Kerr, and these are the five favorite things that I always carry with me

  • in my handbag.

  • I have the Noni skinfood supplement.

  • This is a superfood supplement.

  • It's so easy to travel with.

  • It's a single-serve sachet, so you empty this into water, and then you drink it.

  • It's for your skin so that you are glowing from the inside out, and it also is great

  • for energy.

  • I also carry eye drops.

  • Saline, of course, single-use eye drops because for some reason my eyes always attract fuzz.

  • Another favorite is this RMSUnCover-Up Concealer.

  • I use twenty two.

  • I love it, it also has coconut oil in there, it's coconut-based, so it's really good for

  • you as well, and she uses organic ingredients so she's awesome!

  • Another little thing that I always carry in my handbag is a crystal wand.

  • This wand is great to use for meditation.

  • It's also great to use on your acupressure points.

  • Sometimes, actually I even like massage it on my face, like facial massage

  • Last but not least, my all-time favorite product is the Noni Glow Face Oil.

  • This face oil is so hydrating, and it also balances the pH of your skin.

  • It contains rosehip oil, sea buckthorn, pomegranate oil, and noni, of course.

  • I use this every night after I've cleansed, mist, and moisturized, and in the morning,

  • I mix it with my moisturizer because it's a great base to put foundation on top of.

  • Your skin is just like beautiful and glowing.

  • These are my handbag essentials.

  • Be sure to tell us yours below with hashtag #JustFiveThings

Hi, everybody.

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Miranda Kerr's Five Beauty Essentials | Just Five Things | Byrdie

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