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  • We always thought alien life would come from space.

  • We were wrong.

  • It came from the ocean,

  • which is technically in space if you think about everythings in space really,

  • But that's not the important issue!

  • Anyway,

  • Giant monsters came from the ocean,

  • and started destroying everything in their path.

  • And after the UN apparently watched a ton of anime

  • they decided the only way to fight monsters,

  • was to build monsters of our own.

  • I say we nuke the Kaiju as soon as one as detected!

  • I say we build giant robots as big as Kaiju!

  • So we can watch them fight!

  • YEAH! Fantastic Idea! Please make this happen!

  • Pshh. Nukes.

  • So we built the robots, named them Jaegers.

  • And now we're all kinds of famous and the earths last hope...

  • You know... I could just keep going with this intro,

  • but I mean who really thinks a 20 minute lead in to a title card makes sense?

  • Right?

  • I mean that's too long!

  • Okay, here's the title.

  • "RAWR!"

  • We're running out of oxygen!

  • We're gonna die!

  • We've got NOTHING left!

  • There is still ONE thing left!

  • For my family!

  • Wow! This sword was really effective!

  • Why didn't we open with that?

  • Because it's too messy?

  • I guess...

  • Still, this gives me an idea.

  • Okay Gypsy, we got movement. Two Kaiju coming your way.

  • RAWR!

  • Analog Chop!

  • That's one!

  • RAWR!

  • Analog CHOP!!

  • And that's two!

  • Wow! This is so much easier!

  • Make way for the cleanup crew!

  • Okay gang, It's clean up time!

  • RIGHT!!

  • Go Go Power Vacuum!

  • Power Vacuum!

  • Heads up third signature emerging from the breach!

  • It's a...

  • It's a CAT 5!

  • Whew! Thanks Voltron!

  • No Problem! Great job team!

  • YEAH!

  • Yeah I'd say fighting them here is much better than waiting for them to come to us.

  • It doesn't look as cool though.

  • Meh.

  • Hello Boys!

  • I'm BAAAAAaaaaaack!

  • Where's my gosh dern subscribe button?!

  • Oh. It's right there.

  • Thanks for watching!

We always thought alien life would come from space.

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