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  • You gave up on which one?

  • Rachel.

  • You gave up on your girlfriend?

  • Ex.

  • Oh so now she's your ex.

  • She was always my ex.

  • Yeah right.

  • I wanted to go out with the cat burgler.

  • You've been tearing yourself up about Rachel for six months...

  • Now you're happily ever after with this cat woman.

  • Yep.

  • Well, Bruce, I'll bite.

  • You know man, I didn't understand it either...

  • It's all so hard.

  • Then it hit me on the way over here, you know, like a ton of bricks.

  • It's just so simple.

  • When you...

  • Dude, Dude, wait a second.

  • I'm getting vibed in like a really weird way here.

  • This girls lookin at me like she knows me a little bit.

  • You don't recognize her?

  • No I don't think i've ever met her before. I would definitely remember this one.

  • She's got a lot of confidence, man, she's doing like...

  • Wow.

  • What's goin' on?

  • Bruce, stop! She's playing like a little fun game with me.

  • Come on you little party girl! That's it!

  • Fun little games? You wanna play fun little games?

  • Come on, you cute little baby!

  • What are you doing?

  • Bruce Bruce, stop.

  • I'm Batman.

  • She's smiling at me. She's playing these fun little baby games.

  • She don't know me. She doesn't know my address.

  • You know my address? You little...

  • Oh wait, she's coming over here. Play cool.

  • She's like the wild looney but I threw like the great vibe at her.

  • Like the funny vibe... you'll see.

  • Crap.

  • Yeah we're gonna go bye bye now! We're gonna go bye bye!

  • Yes. We're gonna go see daddy!

  • So, you called this cat woman girl up right?

  • or you didn't call her.

  • You said you didn't call her?

  • Why didn't you call her?

  • Bruce?

  • Bruce!

You gave up on which one?

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