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  • (Music)

  • (Applause)

  • (Music)

  • (Applause)

  • Robbie Mizzone: Thank you.

  • Tommy Mizzone: Thank you very much.

  • We're so excited to be here. It's such an honor for us.

  • Like he said, we're three brothers from New Jersey --

  • you know, the bluegrass capital of the world.

  • (Laughter)

  • We discovered bluegrass a few years ago,

  • and we fell in love with it. We hope you guys will too.

  • This next song is an original we wrote called "Timelapse,"

  • and it will probably live up to its name.

  • (Tuning)

  • (Music)

  • (Applause)

  • TM: Thank you very much.

  • RM: I'm just going to take a second to introduce the band.

  • On guitar is my 15-year-old brother Tommy.

  • (Applause)

  • On banjo is 10-year-old Jonny.

  • (Applause) He's also our brother.

  • And I'm Robbie, and I'm 14, and I play the fiddle.

  • (Applause)

  • As you can see, we decided to make it hard on ourselves,

  • and we chose to play three songs

  • in three different keys.

  • Yeah. I'm also going to explain, a lot of people want to know

  • where we got the name Sleepy Man Banjo Boys from.

  • So it started when Jonny was little,

  • and he first started the banjo, he would play on his back

  • with his eyes closed,

  • and we'd say it looked like he was sleeping.

  • So you can probably piece the rest together.

  • TM: We can't really figure out the reason for this.

  • It might have been that it weighs about a million pounds.

  • (Music)

  • (Applause)

  • (Music)

  • (Applause)

  • TM: Thank you very much.

  • RM: Thank you.


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【TED】Sleepy Man Banjo Boys: Bluegrass virtuosity from ... New Jersey? (Bluegrass virtuosity from ... New Jersey? | Sleepy Man Banjo Boys)

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