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  • Hey, Santa Claus.

  • You going home soon?

  • (CHUCKLING) Well, depending on how

  • traffic is at the North Pole.

  • [chuckle]

  • So what can I get for you today?

  • Milk and cookies?


  • Sorry I started this.

  • Chicken burrito, please.

  • There you go.

  • Merry Christmas.

  • Uh, how much do I, uh--

  • Oh, come on.

  • I'm not charging Santa Claus.

  • It's on the house.

  • This is free because I'm dressed as Santa?

  • That's right.

  • Anything for Santa.

  • Anything?

  • Holy crap, this is awesome.

  • I'm Santa Claus.

  • In this suit, I'm like a god.

  • [sobbing]

  • [knocking]

  • I got a free burrito!

Hey, Santa Claus.

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B1 INT US santa claus santa claus burrito chuckling sobbing

Peter Discovers The Perks Of Being Santa | Season 15 Ep. 9 | FAMILY GUY

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    Jin Wang   posted on 2018/01/31
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