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  • After making it, I wanted to go on a gigantic holiday. It was quite intense.

  • The Theory of Everything is a remarkable tale of Stephen Hawkin.

  • Eddie Redmayne plays the main man himself and yep, the word Oscar has already been mentioned.

  • Now, tell me Mr, I came out of this film wanting to change the world. -Did you? -Did you feel

  • a bit like that after? -That is the best news I've ever heard.

  • Did I feel like that after what making it? -After making it.

  • No. After making it, I wanted to go on a gigantic holiday. It was quite intense.

  • No, it was the most amazing mixture of formidable privilege and great fear making this film.

  • -Did you become a little bit of a geek afterwards?

  • I mean, I gave up science when I was like 14, so the greatest fleet for me was trying

  • to educate myself enough to be able to persuade people that I knew what I was talking about.

  • But, no, I worked with some of Stephen's old students and they would be teaching me the

  • intricacy of string theory. I'd be going home and going to like astronomy for

  • But do you understand it now?

  • I do. I mean I understood enough to be able to play him convincingly in the parts of the film that I had to.

  • Now tell me, if the word Oscar is mentioned, I know it's boring to hear but if it is mentioned,

  • how you going to feel? Three words that you're going to feel when you find out that news?

  • Oh god, no I can't. I can't possibly. I genuinely, genuinely when we got cast, Felicity and I

  • this, the stakes felt so high. We were like - it was a bit of a knife edge and a great

  • sense of expectation so frankly the fact that Stephen and Jane enjoyed it and Jonathon and

  • the children, that was the greatest reward for us.

  • And I hear that you did lots of dance research to get into this character. Now has this helped

  • you for your first dance at your wedding?

  • Well, not so much dance research but I did work with a dancer who helped me sort of understand

  • Stephen's - I'm the worst dancer in the world.

  • Oh no, I wanted to see you on Strictly.

  • Do you know what? It was funny actually. I was working with a dancer to help me on this

  • and I told her I couldn't dance and one day she tried and she said, "yeah, right, by the way if they

  • ever ask you to be on Strictly say no!" So that's not happening.

After making it, I wanted to go on a gigantic holiday. It was quite intense.

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Eddie Redmayne interview: Theory Of Everything star talks Oscar buzz

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