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  • [Music] One of the things that many students in

  • English get confused with is the tenses, especially when they don't know which

  • one to use or when to use it. This is especially true with the past simple

  • tense and the present perfect tense. These two sometimes, there is some

  • overlap. I don't know which one I should use or how to use it. So here is a hot

  • tip on how you can improve your tenses. Now you remember, I'm sure you do, that

  • with the past simple tense, it's something that happened in the past and

  • has already finished. So we can review the words that we use with the tense. For

  • example, we always use things like: 'this morning',

  • 'yesterday', 'last night', 'last week' and '*dududu* ago'. For example, I went to the shop

  • two weeks ago. I visited my grandma this morning. I went on a walk last night.

  • These are all examples of just using the past simple. Remember, we use the past

  • simple always with these types of words. The same is true with the present

  • perfect. Now remember, the present perfect is something that happened in the past

  • but still is important now or affects our decision or our conversation now.

  • With this type of thing, we always use these three words: already, still and yet.

  • And if we're specifically talking about a start time, we will use: for or since.

  • For example, I've already cleaned the bathroom; I still haven't seen him yet; or...

  • That was using both of them. Did you noticed? Wow... I'm getting greedy. And then,

  • with the 'for' and the 'since', I've been living in Hong

  • for three years, or, I've been living in Hong Kong since 2014.

  • Yes, get my Maths right! Okay so, that's today's hot tip on how to use the

  • tenses. Remember just review the types of words you're using with each one, and it

  • should help you to know which tense to use! Thank you.

[Music] One of the things that many students in

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English Hot Tips from Swoosh Ayden: Simple Past Tense vs Present Perfect Tense

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