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  • It's the next challenge.

  • We never really put ourselves up against any mega city before.

  • If we wanna do what we wanna do then it's gonna be so fucking hard.

  • So I had no idea what to expect...

  • No idea.

  • I call the police. Go out!!

  • Of course there's risks. But we're not taking that 'leap of faith' that everyone thinks that it is.

  • Cya later lads!

  • Everything is against you.... everything.

  • the time, security, the weather

  • everything is against you there's nothing that goes your way.

  • But there is that constant drive to just push through it

  • and if there is something they can question they will question it

  • and if it stands in their way of them, being creative or breaking a jump

  • or doing something that is gonna push them to a new level

  • that is what they will do and thats what they do best...

  • it is why Storror are as successful as they are, because they don't let a challenge get the better of them...

  • Run!

  • This is our culture

  • This is Roof Culture.

It's the next challenge.

Subtitles and vocabulary

A2 BEG UK challenge culture push gonna push wanna leap

ROOF CULTURE ASIA - Official Theatrical Trailer

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    林聖凱   posted on 2018/01/24
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