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  • Mr.. And Mrs.. Griffin

  • I called you in today because your son Chris has been getting in quite a bit of trouble lately in fact just yesterday

  • He tried to pass this drawing off as his advanced art project. Oh

  • My I'm very embarrassed well someone should be I'm sorry principal shepherd. We've tried talking to Chris

  • We just don't know what else to do. Well. I think we may have a solution

  • We have these cats that hang around the school and we feed them

  • Why doesn't Chris come in and we can treat him like one of the cats and in a couple of years?

  • We'll give him a diploma that doesn't sound like he'll be getting the best education. I don't know Lois some of those cats

  • Go on to get pretty good jobs

  • Yep, we now return to breaking bad

  • You will recommend breaking bad to everyone. You know I will recommend breaking bad to everyone

  • I know breaking bad is the best show you've ever seen

  • Except maybe the wire breaking bad is the best show I've ever seen

  • Except maybe the wire you will never stop talking about breaking bad or the wire

  • I will never stop talking about breaking bad or the wire

  • I'm really worried about Chris. What are we gonna do about him?

  • Let's face it Lois the kids an idiot what the hell happened all the smart genes in his family

  • I mean, I invent the razor blade comb and my kids are doing nothing

  • I mean when Chris grows up will he even be able to get a job or take care of himself?

  • And what he's going to do when we die

  • Oh, God, oh, God oh, God oh

  • Oh, oh, God

  • I feel awful saying it, but I'm kind of embarrassed by him sometimes. I know he's got boobs, too

  • Stupid guy with boobs acting like he doesn't want to tell what he wants us to look y'all making fun of me

  • I just wanted to listen you guys have sex but you were saying many things about me Chris

  • Oh my God. I know we weren't talking about you. Yeah, we were talking about meg. We call a crasher

  • She doesn't know yeah, shut up Chris. I know that's not true. Yeah

  • By the way, there's a baby in my preschool with hiv and my teacher gave you something to sign to get him kicked out hi

  • That's my big smart son my special guy my chrissy sounds like someone got a vibrator working again

  • Look out everyone

  • Double-digit Iq joining the table. Hey smarty think best

  • He knows he knows it's hot cuz he's smart. I don't want to talk to you guys you called me an idiot

  • Oh Chrissy you must have just missed heard us. I was standing right there

  • How's that possible cuz you're an idiot that's how I'm going to still

  • It's Sunday right Tina. We've completely destroyed his self-esteem

  • We've got to do something you know oh is it Chris is having confidence issues. They have camps for kids like him

  • What do you mean? Well? They take kids who struggle in school and help them gain self-confidence in a nurturing environment?

  • Wow, that's actually a great idea. We don't got no money for camp. We're saving up to go to Europe Tina

  • We went to Europe you didn't like it. Oh my God. It's beautiful. My TV isn't here. Let's go home

  • We now return to Canadian horror Story

  • Hey, hon, we're out of Molson. Oh not to worry

  • We've got some libet's in the garage and could you get one for the ghosts whoo?

  • Hi, Chris, could we talk to you if you're gonna insult me again. Just go away look honey

  • We're sorry, and we want to do something special for you. This is a Hamilton beach blender. We got on our wedding day

  • It keeps coming back to us and a vicious rege if things cycle, no Peter Chris we were thinking of sending

  • To camp and we're Gonna let you choose which one

  • This one's called Camp helmet this one's called Camp sit

  • And stay these camps don't sound fun at all

  • Well Chris Camp is only as fun as you make it that's how it was in World War two

  • Don't suppose it would help to say I have a note from my doctor. Oh

  • Get in there you

  • Hey this one looks cool space camp spend a week doing intensive math and science learning from Real astronauts space Camp

  • I'm sorry that one must have accidentally gotten in with the rest of them. What are you saying that?

  • I'm too stupid for it Chris. We're over here. What are you saying that?

  • I'm too stupid for it no, no of course not then this is the camp. I choose yay, I get to go to space Camp

  • Thanks, mom and dad you guys are the best marriage ever

  • Would you excuse me a moment?

  • He's a mine now. Hey. Oh honey when we accepted those mugs. We knew this could happen

Mr.. And Mrs.. Griffin

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